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Relations require real effort
even when evry 1 of us is busy with our own lives
A Simple sms remindS each other that "u r not forgotten."

A relationship that is truly genuine does not keep changing its colors. Real gold never rusts. If a relationship is really solid and golden, it will be unbreakable. Not even Time can destroy its shine.

Waht's Rael Reltionship?
Here's an exmpl:
Jsut c tihs msg. Evrey splleing of tihs msg is wrnog. Bt sitll yuo cain raed it wihtuot ayn mitsake if u Vant true Raleti0nship;
jsut ignoer mistaeks of otheres.. and understand them!

:: True relationship sms ::
Some reasons make relationships precious, but only precious relationship are made with no reasons.

~:: True relationship sms ::~
D best relationships r nt those dat r free 4m problems n misunderstandings......... Bt its d 1 whre a SORRY n a SMILE makes evrythin perfect as b4.

~:: True relationship sms ::~
"Deep relationships are not built by forcing others to understand you, But by giving them the confidence that you have understood them.."

‚‚ Relationship sms ‚ ‚

Relationships are like stapling a paper. Its easy to attach but difficult to detach. And if we try to detach,it leaves d paper 'DAMAGED'

The secret key to any long-term relationship is for both of you not to be angry at the same time.
Taking turns forgiving keeps your love strong!

A True relationship has fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, arguments, patience, secrets, intimacy, jealousy and lots of love!

Good Relationships last long becoz 2 sweet people made a choice to keep it heartly, fight for it and work for it.

Relationships and Friendships are not exams... so why cheat!!

In my dreams, you are mine;
But in my life, you are my dream!

‚‚ Relationship sms ‚ ‚

Why do Relations Break?
Its because people fail to Realize that:
“If U Cant Handle Someone At Their Worst,
then u Dont Deserve Them At Their Best..!

~:: True relationship sms ::~
Best lines in a relationship,
“When your loved ones commit any mistake/hurt you,
you should have faith that wrong was only
“In-tension” and not “Intention”

~::~ relationship sms messages ~::~
Fact Of Life:
“Whom U Don’t Need today u Will Need them tomorrow.
Whom u Reject today Will Never Accept u Tomorrow”
So Always LEARN 2 Value The Relationship…

‚‚ Relationship sms ‚ ‚

To create a relation is as simple as
to write SAND with SAND on SAND….
while to maintain a relation is as
difficult as to write WATER with WATER on WATER..

‚‚ Relationship sms in English ‚ ‚

A hard fact of life:
Watevr Relation v build up in this world.
The only thing that remains at last is the
Loneliness with lots n lots of Memories..

:: best relationship sms ::
When a relation ends,
What hurts more is not the end of it,
But the way we hv 2 behave as strangers with
persons whom we once thought we can’t live without…!!

Relationship is like a Garden. It's beautiful when watered with love, care, trust, tears and cheers. But it dries up if left untouched.

:: best relationship sms ::
When the relation is new,
people find excuses to meet u.
as it becomes old,
people find excuses to avoid u.
Strange but true.

~ :: Good relationship sms :: ~
SMS N Messaging is better idea to miss someone.
U can’t keep calling 24 hr
Bt ur even 1 single msg keep ur relatinship in touch in every moment

EGO is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. so to be a better person, skip the 'E' and let it 'GO'!

Commodities, Shares and even Property prices are failing the investors due to constant fluctuations.

~ :: Good relationship sms :: ~
Death is not the highest lose in life, the biggest lose is when relationships die among us when V r alive" So keep our relation alive

‚‚ Relationship sms in English ‚ ‚

Ye DIL ki he 1 “CONDITION”,
jisme kisiko nahi he “PERMISSION”,
bus kuch logo he “SELECTION”,
Wo bhi bina “DONATION”,
Just maintain “RELATION”

Beautiful Lines....

Rishtey khoon k nahi hote, Rishtey Ehsas k hote hai.

Agar Ehsas ho to Ajnabi b apne, Agar Ehsas na ho to apne b Ajnabi hote hai....

We never pay attention to a part of body unlesss it pains. Dont let it happen in relationships!

The best kind of relationship in the world is the one in which a sorry and a smile can make everything back to normal again!

Relationship is like a gadget.
If there is a problem you do not go and buy a new one, you have to fix it with your best effort!

Wenever U feel sadness in ur heart;
Blackness in ur eyes;
Or paleness on ur face.
It shows that U R suffering from lack of Vitamin ME!

Rooth Gaye Hamaare Sab Chahne Wale;
Rooth Gaye Hamein Manane Wale;
Ab To Mobile Bhi Hamse Puchhta Hai Ki;
Kaha Chup Gaye Tumhe Roj sms msgs Karne Wale! Relationship msgs in hindi

Relationships me saab chalta hai-
Seeing on Monday
Friendship on Tuesday
Crush on Wednesday
Love on Thursday
Fighting on Friday
Separated on Saturday
Rest on Sunday
Next on Monday!.........Relationship msgs in hindi

Touch her heart, not her body;
Steal her attention, not her freedom;
Make her smile, don't waste her tears.
These 3 simple steps would ensure her commitment to you forever!

Life is a constant conflict between Love and Ego.
Love always wants to say Sorry and Ego always wants to hear it!

When you hurt by D person who is very close to you, do fight with that person.
Because sometimes a fight saves D relationship but being silent just increases D gap.

Love + Trust + Honesty = Long Lasting Relationship!

Good relationships are like trees. They demand attention and care in the beginning but once they blossom, they provide us shade in all situations of life!

Never try to maintain relations in your life. Just try to maintain life in your relations!

Relationship with a nice person is like a sugarcane;
You break it;
Crush it;
Squeeze it;
Even beat or grind it;
Still you will get only sweetness.

When you are happy, you'll search for the person you love the most;
But when you are sad, you'll search for the person who loves you the most!

Some time we fail to understand feelings of very close people in our life;
Because a book held very nearer to eyes is very difficult to read.

Neither you can hug yourself nor you can cry on your own shoulders.
Life is all about living for one another. So live with those who love you the most!

Relations are like stapler pins. Easy to attach but very hard to detach; and even if the pin is removed it always leaves its mark!

When relationship is weak, simple words like Thank you, Sorry, Welcomes, Good Bye, No Problem and make a big difference.
But when relationships are strong Shut up, Get lost, Nonsense, Idiot or even Go to hell; will not have any impact.
That's the beauty of a strong relation!

D wrong kind of person hate u, 4 d good in u
And d right kind of person love u, even after knowing d bad in you.
That makes d perfect definition of a relationship!

A relationship with no arguments, is a relationship with a lot of secrets!

Sometimes we maintain silence to protect one beautiful relation;
But too much silence can create tears in all beautiful relations!

Never leave a true relation for a few Mistakes.
Nobody is perfect and nobody is correct.
After all, affection is always greater than perfection!

A Relationship is not holding hands while you understand each other;
It's about having lots of misunderstandings and still not leaving each others' hands!

Relationship is like Taj Mahal.
Everybody wonders how beautiful it is;
But nobody understands how difficult it is to build!

We still love ourselves after doing committing so many mistakes. Then how can we hate others after their single mistake?

Everyone says that OPEN and CLOSE are two complete opposite words. However, we're OPEN with those people who're CLOSE to us!

If you spend a few moments to read this message, I shall feel very happy.
Do you know why?
Because that one minute I am crossing your mind and passing over your heart!

My hands never pain when typing message for you sweetheart;
But my heart always pain when there is no reply from you!

Relationships never die by itself.
Most of times, They R murdered by Ego, Attitude or Ignorance!