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There are lòts of peòple whò can call yòu by yòur name but there
is ònly òne persòn whò can make it sòund sò special. - Kim Jarabelo

We are sitting together. I am lying in your arms and I forget the rest of the wòrld.

I am in Yòu and Yòu in me, mutual in Divine 💑 lòve. - William Blake

Cute Love Story-
Boy-I bot a new mobile iphone7.
Gal-I wnt treat in Taj Hotel.
Dey Went 2 Taj Aftr dinr
Gal-whr did u get mony 2pay 4Taj.
Boy-sold my mobile, wsnt mor imp dn u.

Mere Innocent Heart ka ho gaya Accident
Ban Jao Mere Cute Heart ka Tenant
Thousand Kisses Forever Love hoga Rent
WhOle Life ke Liye HOga Rent Agreement

Paytm Company kahati hai, paytm karo.
Meri Girlfriend ne isaka kuchh aur hi matlab nikaal liya,
kharidadaari ham karen aur Pay Tum karo.

Bahut see ladakiya is tanaav mein hai ki Modi ji kahi aadhee raat se
Beauty parlor na band karava de kyoki vahaan bhi Black se white dhadalle se hota hai.

khuda ne mujse kaha,"Bande dost na
bana tu jarur dhoka kha jayega"
mene kaha, e khuda, tu cute sms padhnewale
se mil to sahi, tu bhi dhoke se
uska dost ban jayega.

A "cute" promise to u
Hey Buddy...My dear Pal
"I'll be your friend till the episode comes in which tom finally eats jerry..!! cute friendship sms

Dam Tor Jaati Hai Har Shikayat Labon Pe Aaa Kar..cute sms
Jab Masoomiyat Se Wo Kehti Hai..
Maine Kya Kiya Hai ??

sms means
s-symbol of friendship
m-method of communication in two hearts
s-sweet person waiting for a favorite relation

My LOVE I just want to say you-
* 57I5577 L55ov77e *
*. y7555o577u .*
555 “7*.,.55*”
Sirf 5 aur7 ko Delete karo

I may run out of cute sms to Text You,
I may run out of credit to Call You,
I may run out of Best Love Quotes to Impress You,
I may run out of jokes to Tickle You,
But my heart will never run out of
Space To Accomodate You

It is the Mayuri which dances when it rains,
It is the Koyal which sings when Autumn comes,
It is my Heart which does both
when your thought comes to my mind

Palke jhuke to pyar ho jata h..
palke uthe to izhaar ho jata h..
na jane kya kashish h chahat me aisi ke..
koi anjan bhi is zindagi ka haqdar ho jata h..

Heart is like a bottle of perfume. If you never open it, nobody knows the fragrance inside it.
If you keep it always open soon you will loose your fragrance. Good Morning!

A fulfilled life is not possible without friends. Thanks for making my life wholesome! Good night!

Cute Attitude sms
I wait 4 Someone till I have patience
Once My Patience ends dat someone Has 2 wait 4 Me 4ever..

Excellent lines by a True love-
"I have no wrds to explain my Love..
Bcoz i hav got an amazing person who can undrstnd evn my silence!!!"

SANTA(auto wale se)- Hanuman mandir jaoge?
Auto wala- ji, han.
SANTA- To aate hue mere liye prasaad lete aana.

What Is Both Easy As Well As Difficult In Life ?
Easy To Judge When Others Do It .
Difficult To Recognize & Realize When We Do It.

Read this slowly "GODISNOWHERE"
wht did u read?
God Is No Where
God Is Now Here!
Just a b'ful line to say- 'Life depends on d way we look!'

It's really difficult to understand God....!!
He makes beautiful women
and then
he turns them into....
neighbours' wives..

"Motivation gets us started. Habit keeps us running. Attitude decides our pace and values decide our destination."

Believe where others doubt,
Work where others Refuse,
Save where others waste & Stay where others Quit.
Dare to be different.
Believe in Yourself .

Maturity is not when we start speaking
"BIG Things",
But actually it is,
when we start understanding
"SMALL Things."

Khubsurat he zindgi "KHUWAB" ki trh
Jane kab toot jaye "KANCH" ki trh
Mujhe na bhulana kisi "BAAT" ki trh
Apne dil me rakhna khubsurat "YAAD" ki trh

Cute Flirt :-
Tumhare Pen main INK nahi hai kya??
Andhe ho kya?
Chal to Raha hai..!
Accha to Apna mobile Number;
Likh ke Dikhao to..

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Teacher: This is the fifth time this week that I had punished you,
what do you have to say?

Student: Thank God Saturday and Sunday are holidays, Sir!

Mistakes increase your experience and experience decreases your mistakes.
If you learn from your mistakes then others will learn from your success!
Good night!

You wanna know who's amazing and has the cutest smile ever? Read the first word again!............cute flirt sms for girlfriend

If I cöuld be any alphabet, I wöuld chööse 'V'... sö that I cöuld be next to 'U' förever!

Dekh Cute heart Mast Macho Smart
/( )\
photo meri achi h
soch meri sachi h
Fir bhi Mai tujhe
Pasand Na Aaya to
BABY Abhi tu bachi H

Go to hell!
Yes You..
Of course, I am talking about you!
Coz only you can turn the hell into heaven with your lovely smile!
Yes yes!
Yahi wali smile…

Rose is Famous for Grace
Advocate is Famous for Case
Horses are Famous for Race But
Smile Is Famous for Face

.\ ! /
-( o )- Day
./ ! \

++ + ++
++ *)++ Night
++ + ++

,,,, Rain

Any time
Any where u'll b in
My Prayers My dearest cute friend

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