Cute things to say to a girl

  1. You have an incredible insight; you are so truthful; you are just fantastic.
  2. You are the poetry, the adventure, the love; the riot in my heart.
  3. You are a magician; you make everyone else disappear.
  4. You are intelligent; your passion is contagious, yet you are so down to earth.
  5. You are creative; your confidence is refreshing; you inspire everyone to be a better person.
  6. You have a beautiful soul; you have a kind hearted charisma.
  7. You are inspiring; you win me over every day.
  8. I love you with a love so deep, I lose myself within....
  9. I am little jealous of each ray of son that gets to kiss kiss you each morning.
  10. I have come to discover that you are my forever.
  11. You Know, If Some1 Asked Me to Describe You in 1 Word, I'd Call You My ‘World'.
  12. I breathe You inside Every heartbeat.
  13. Once I knew you I never wanted to know anyone else. ~Leo
  14. Literally I consider myself the luckiest lover boy bcoz I have got everything I ever wanted; Baby It begins and ends with you.
  15. You existed in my dream long before we met.
  16. I want to be the man of your dreams like you are the woman of mine.
  17. Life without you is 'Mission Impossible'.
  18. You are what my heart needs all the time.
  19. You are cutest things that refreshes my heart and soul.
  20. You are language of love, I just want to read every pages of you.
  21. Are you a light switch because you're turning me on?
  22. Are you an energy drink because you make my heart race?
  23. You are sweetest poetry of a crazy poet.
  24. Stop being so gorgous.
  25. I welcome your thunder and lightening just to feel your rain.
  26. Your nails, Your perfume, Your dress, Your look, Your grace. The click of your Heels as you walk. You simply.. Have me hooked..
  27. Your heart My shelter... Your love My home.
  28. When I hold you in My arms. You become The Thriller Novel,
    that I never Want to put back down before I finish reading.
  29. My friends are jealous of me for having such a prettiest girlfriend like you.
  30. Gosh, you look so gorgeous. All the boys here are staring at you!
  31. You're so sweet with words.
  32. You are a blessing; you color every inch of my world.
  33. You are empowering; you are strong, you are a warm-hearted girl.
  34. You are unique; you make everything sweet just by being a part of it.
  35. Beauty is your power along with smile like a sword.

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