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Friends are like puzzle pieces.
If one piece is lost, it can never be replaced; And that puzzle will never get completed!

Our friendship has become more of a HABIT.
Even if you take out H-A BIT remains;
Take out A-BIT remains;
Finally, take out B-IT remains!................friendship sms

How to grow friendship?
Pick a good heart;
Plant it in a pot of trust;
Water it with good thoughts;
Fertilise it with love and faith;
Remove misunderstanding and keep in touch!

Friends are like films.
Some are hilarious;
Some are good action;
Some are really romantic;
And yet some are full of tragedy.
But a very few are like you, simply non-sense!

Chand ki had 1 raat tak hoti h
Suraj ki had sirf din tak hoti h
Hum DOSTI me din-raat nai dekte
Qki hmari dosti ki had akhri SANS tak hoti h............best friendship sms in hindi

Ek phool aksar bagh saja deta hai
Ek hi sitara sansaar chamka detahai
Jahan duniya bhar ke rishtey bhikaam nahi aate
Wahin ek pyara sa dost zindagi bana deta hai.

Dear best friend, I honestly don't know what I would do without you!

I dropped a tear in an ocean while thinking of you. And I promise to be your friend till I find it!

Frndship is a Nice gift!
"More clear than water"
"More pure than Gold"
"More sweet than Honey"
so thanks for sharing the beautiful gift with me...

Chand se jab mulakat hoti hai
apke baare me unse kuchh baat hoti hai
wo kehte hai mere pass KhubSurat Sitare hai
hum kehte hai unse bhi KhubSurat Dost humare hai

hum khud par kabhi gurur nahi karte, yad karne ke liye majboor nahi karti,
magar hum ekbaar kisi ko dost banale to uskn zindgi se door nahi karti.......best friendship quotes in hindi

Phool Sukh Jate Hai Ek Vakt Ke Baad
Insaan Bhi Badal Jate Hai Ek VaktKe Baad
Dosti Bhi Toot Jati Hai Ek Vakt KeBaad
Lekin Vo Vakt Aayega Meri Maut Ke Baad

Waqt ke lamhe parinde ban ke udjayenge,
par yaadon ke nishan chod jayenge....
Dost bante hai aur bante jayenge,
par aap jaisa dost hum kaha se layenge.

Dosti ki duniya bhi ajeeb hoti hain,
Aankhon se padh leta hain ye dostana e dosti
Kabhi beruki hain toh kabbi muskile ,
Per har kisi ko ye sachhi dosti naseeb nhi hoti................friendship sms

Raato Me Moon" Jalta H,
Garmiyon Me "June" Jalta H-
Agar Pyar Ho Jaye To Chain-O Sukoon Jalta H,
Aur Aap Jaise Dost Yaad Na Kare To "Khoon" Jalta H.

A few special friends can magically brighten up your heart and Life...
I am truly thankful to God for blessing me with such wonderful F.R.I.E.N.D.S. like you!

Time might lead me to nowhere and faith might break into pieces
but I will always be thankful that in my life's journey, we became friends!

We are the best of friends. Always remember that if you fall, I'll pick you up after I finish laughing!

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