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Value peopl who touchd ur
BCz u nvr knw whn dey'll b out of ur life to nvr cm bck
So take care of ME vrna
Fir kahoge:
"Behti Hawa Sa Tha Vo"

"Empty message also looks special when your sweetheart sent to U"

Our lives are always so hectic with little time to spare, but days get brighter when u get a msg from someone saying, ''i still care"

"Zindagi Tasveer Bhi Hai Aur Taqdeer B
Manchaahe Rangon Se Bane To Tasveer
Aur Anchaahe Rangon Se Bane To Taqdeer "

Life Me tension Hi Tension hai
Fir b In Labon pe Muskan hai
Qki Jeena Jab har hal me hai
to Muskra k jeene me Kya Nuksan ha
Be happy always

Maa Bete Se : Uth Jaa Kambakhat Dekh Sooraj Kab Ka Nikal Aaya Hai... Beta : Kya Khak Utth Ja Amma Wo Sota Bhi To Mujh Se Pehle Hai.! ;-)

Sweet short message by a True lover boy 2
her beloved wid full of tears filled words
I m MAD for her
But y m i nt
MADE for her..

Let d dimples dig ur cheeks deep,
Smiling lips luk gr8 on u..
Let d reason of ur happines renew..
N I bet..
Life itself wl hv a crush on u :-)

Love is the second mistake created by God..
Of course girls are the first...
But the fact is that
both are beautiful....!!

I know So many people hate me, bcoz i m not so good... But some pple love me bcoz they know, dat i m not too bad...!

"Smile is a beautiful curve that sets all the twists in ur life straight..."
so never let the smile fade,let it glow on ur face forever.

Ek bar Sita ji ne Ravan k garden me bahut shor machaya to Ravan ka beta Meghnaath aaya aur bola-
Volume kam kar, Pappa jag jayega.

Ek pagal dusre pagal se-main tumko itni zor se thappad maruga k delhi jakar giro ge...dusra pagal-zara ahista marna mujhe gaziabad main kuch kaam hai..

A girl can hug hr best friend tightly n say M misin my boyfriend. Bt she cnt hug hr Boyfnd n say, m misin my bst friend
coz"der s more LOYALTY in frnshp dan in luv".

Difference between
Any word said by girlfriend is "Poetry"
anything said by wife is "Lecture"
good mrng...hve a nice day;-)

A lovely logic for beautiful life... "Never try to maintain relations in your life... Just try to maintain Life in your relations...!"

Mornings are refreshing like friendship, it may not stay all day long, but for sure it comes forever every day.

Smtimes we think of y frendz keep 4rwarding Msgs 2 us witout speaking words? The reason is dat, daily they have nothing 2 say bt stil want 2 keep in touch.

Girl: Ladka kaisa He.?
Brother:Ladka Achha He,Engineering Kiya He
Dikhne Me FILM Ka HERO Lagta he.
Girl:Kaun si FILM Ka HERO?

welcome every day as a new day, special day, good day, wondwerful day and happy day. enjoy every part of the whole day. Gud mrng n hv a nice day

MUNNA BHAI:CIRCIT Ye Doctor Operation Ke Samay Patient Ko Behos Kyu Kart Hai? CIRCIT:Bhai Bole To Agar Patient Opration Sikh Gaya To Doctor Ki WATT Lag Jaegi..

Awesome lines by a True lover 2 his college gals 4 his Girlfriend:
U shud meet my Girlfriend,
I bet c cud teach u how 2 look pretty n Beautiful..

Kuch Pane K Liye Kuch Khona Padta He
Muskurane K Liye Rona B Padta He
Yu Hi Nahi Ho Jata He Savera,
Subha Dekne K Liye RatBhar Sona Pdta He..

The basic fact of relation between Bhagwaan & Insaan;
Bhagwaan gives , gives , gives & forgives.
Insaan:gets , gets, gets & forgets.

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