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Status for WhatsApp is in a high demand. It allows one to define his personality online. The first thing your friend is going to figure when he/she logs on to WhatsApp is your status – it is best to keep it exciting. You got a rocking range of choices at your disposal for coming up with the WhatsApp status that delights. Best whatsapp status can come in the format of photographs or selfies that you clicked with your best friend. You may even go for a WhatsApp status quotes to be your WhatsApp status. Quoting celebs is passé, think of a one liner that delights the heart, soul and the spirit. One Line Status for Whatsapp is easy to find over the web. A few are classic and gentle, while others have a humorous twist, to keep your friends coming back for more. Does a video make a best whatsapp status? Share memories of your trekking trip, solo bike rides, picnic with family, and bungee jumping adventures as your WhatsApp status, and see the compliments come your way. A one line status for WhatsApp meets the bill like nothing else. Few else work towards expressing your mind and showing what you really feel. Romantic messages rule the roost and are easy to figure out. The variety available is overwhelming, and all you need to do is post the status that reflects your true feelings in the finest of ways. You can also let the world know about what’s going on in your mind through your WhatsApp status. If you got started with new guitar lessons, bought a new car, or a new smartphone, that can become your WhatsApp status. Your WhatsApp status brings your perception of the world before the world. This is an experience that is fun and exciting.
  1. Rise like a phoenix
  2. I know the definition of Love and its you only
  3. Viva forever
  4. Green tea brings substance to life
  5. Your eyes are brighter than the stars
  6. Love overcomes all lows
  7. Veganism rocks!
  8. Do you like goldfishes?
  9. A new day, a new thought, a new message
  10. You make my love shine
  11. A smile never costs much, but it works
  12. I love you more than I can say. I miss you more than I can say.
  13. You're in my heart, you're in my soul.
  14. You've been all over me like a spell. You are stuck in my heart.
  15. You're every boy's dream.
  16. I miss you in my every heartbeat.
  17. You're playing on my heartstrings.
  18. Looking in your eyes I see a paradise.
  19. All of me loves all of you.
  20. When I am near you time is standing still.
  21. We're the perfect two, me and you.
  22. You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
  23. The day and night left let the love happen As the destination has come now of love between us.
  24. Don’t think, Just see me with lots of love and be together at this moment.
  25. You are involved in my life in the way as whenever I go I see you around me and trust me its very beautiful.
  26. Without you there was always a lack in my life I was wondering alone now felt a relief once you came in my life.

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