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:: Friendship SMS Collection ::
If SoMeOnE AsKs Me What is Friendship,"I wOuLd SiT nExT TO yOu, PuLL YoU aLL CloSe tO Me, PuT mY ArMs ArOuNd YoU aNd sAy pRoUdLy, tHiS Is fRiEnDsHiP

Chehre K Liye Mausami Ka Juice.
Sehat K Liye Apple Ka Juice.
Rang Nikharne K Liye Anaar Ka Juice.
Aur Khush Rehne Ke Liye Sms Ki g a Kanjus.

:: Friendship SMS Collection ::
A deep friend is like rainbow, when the perfect amount of happiness and tears r mixed, the result is a colorful bridge between 2 hearts.

spcl numbr goes in2 my phone
spcl photos go in2 my album
spcl mmories go in2 my brain
bt a spcl frnd like u goes n2 my HEART ...

Believe it or not ! A true friend scolds like a dad..
cares like mom..teases like sister..irritates like brother and finally loves u more then lovers.

:: Friendship SMS Collection ::
Freindship happens inside the heart, Slient.. Unwritten.. Unnbreakable by distance..Unchangeable by time.. Once a Friend, always a Freind.

Make a heart which never breaks,
make a smile which never hurts,
make a touch which never pains,
make a friendship which never ends

:: Friendship SMS Collection ::
Friendship is a silent gift of nature..
More old .. more strong..
More deep.. more clear..
More close.. more warm..
Less words.. more understanding..

Dost dost se khafa nahi hota,
Pyaar pyaar se juda nahi hota,
Bhula dena meri kuch kamiyon ko,
Kyunki insaan kabhi Khuda nahi hota.

Aaap jaisa dost har ek ka khwab hota hai,
Jin ka alag andaaz hota hai,
Asma ka koi hisab nahi hota,
Par Aap
jaisa ek dost taro me aftab hota hai.

Dillagi dosto ke naam hoti hai,
dilldari dosto ki shaan hoti hai,
kahi bhi raho par rahoge dil me mere,
yahi sachi dosti ki pehchaan hoti hai.

FRIEND means
f=free frm all formalities
r=right to say any thing
i=in anyway
e=either good or bad
n=no sorry no thnx
d=daantna peetna allowed 24 hours

Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation, a cup of coffee or a funny story. It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.

Oye Mere Dost,
Mere Program Ke Host,
Andheron Ke Ghost,
Double Anday Ke Toast,
Bhuji Huwi Lamp Post,
Murghi Ke Roast,

:: Friendship SMS Collection ::
Genuine friends r those who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, forgive without any explanation, and love with little communication.

Are o friendwa, tohar smswa k intajar ma hum mubilwa hath me liye 1 ghante se baitha hun. Tanik idhar bhi dhayan dai diyo aur ekad msgwa bhijwai do…
_Tohra Dost

For heartbeats u need a heart..
For a heart u need love..
For love u need happiness..
For happiness u need a frnd..
For frnd "mai hoon na..!"

Frndship is like a glass..
A scratch on any side will reflect on the other side too..
So always handle feelings carefully..
the scratch cant be removed..!

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