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Every Morning Is The Symbol Of Rebirth Of Our Life
4get All Yesterday''s Bad Movements
& Make 2day Beutiful.
Good Morning
Have a nice day.

Alphabet 'O' stand for Opportunity, which is absent in yesterday, Available Once in TOday & Thrice in TOmOrrOw.
So plan ur TOday & TOmOrrOws.

"Response" is one of d powerful weapons to occupy a place in others 'HEART'. So always giv a good response to d one who really cares for u

,+""-., ,.-""+,
G( ~_~)(~_~ )D
Have cool SmiLE
On Ur CutE fAce.
G( '.' )( '.' )D

All the rite things are not possible always.
All the possible things are not rite always.
Be true 2 ur heart,
u'll never go wrong

Gyan of the millennium : :-) A woman will always forgive & forget - but she'll never let you forget that she had forgiven and forgotten,,;-)

Life is touch and go.
Some people will be there for a while,
some will go away,
but people who find u special will always find ways to stay with u.!

U promsd 2 tke cre of me bt u hrt me,
U promsd me 2 brng me joy bt u brought me tears,
U promsd me ur luv bt u gave me pain
I promsd u nthng bt i gave u everythng,,

God asked me "What DID u EARN IN ur LIFE TILL today"... I just replied, I'll surely earn a few tears from the eyes of a person reading this message, when I DiE.

*Truth Day*
Aaj 1 aisa sach kaho jo mere bare me sochte ho,Jo b dil me h,Chahe wo acha ho ya bura,
u can say nythin,i don't mind.
So wat r u waitin fo,do rply

The way..v came to knw each othr,The way..v first spoke,The way..v relate 2day,amazin hw unknwn ppl b'cum unforgettable part f our Life..:-)

Dosti kya he?
pyar kya he?
Rishta kya he?
zindagi kya he?
Hum apke liye kya he?

Ankho me anshu hai
Phir b Labbo pe Muskaan hai
Qi Jeena to har haal me hai
to hasne me Kya Nuksaan hai?

sbse anmol tohfa agr aap kisi ko dete ho to wo h wqt,kyoki jb aap kisi ko apna wqt dete ho to aap unhe zindgi ka wo pal dete ho jo kbhi wapis ni aata.

Devdas- PAPA ne kaha haweli chhod do..MAA ne kaha Paaro chhod do.PAARO ne kaha daaru chhod do..Ek din aayega PAARO KE BACCHE kahenge-MAMA zara school chhod do..

2type ki girls k
piche Na bhago
1-Jiske piche mai hu
Qki wo tumko kabi nai milegi
2-jiske piche mai nai hu
Qki jo mujse n pati
wo tumse kya pategi

Duniya mai 2 logo ko sabse jayada pyar dena...
Ek wo jisne aapko janam diya..
Dusra wo jisne aapke liye janam liya..

JetAir Launched Wife's Ticket Free with Husband on Business Trip.
After Big Sucess, Jet sent lettrs to Wives asking their Feedback?
99% Said which trip?

In olden days when a boy used to get attracted towards a girl or prosposed her . The best setence to get rid of that boy used to be, ' You are jst like my brother. To be safe can I tie a Rakhi on your wrist.'
In the modern days when a guy is attarcted towards a girl or proposes her. The reply is much cuter although very dangerous. 'You are just a good friend of mine. I have no such feelings for you.'
they still want a window of opprtunity to be left opened. :-D

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