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love messages to impress girlfriend

love messages for girlfriend

love messages for girlfriend

To see you,
To feel you,
 It calms me,
 It cures me.

Ÿour heart is all I own. And in your eyes you're holding mine.
Ÿou are the best thing, that's ever been mine.

I'm in love with you and all these little things.
I'm in love with you with my everythings to yours everythings.

"Let's love like there's no goodbyes." - Dua Lipa, "No Goodbyes"

You were always in my mind.
I tried forgetting you but my brain declined.
Your thoughts are there and still quarantined.
Away from everything and undefined.

When your soul is empty and your heart is full and your sweet lips cold,
Just remember my heart is just a beat away and my lips a breath away Even if
I were as far as the moon the light of my love would always lighten up your dark nights.

Your love was not easy,
Mind made me squeazy,
Heart made me busy,
Why make me Cheesy?

"I wanna live with you even when we're ghosts." - James Arthur, "Say You Won't Let Go"

I Will Wait ..
Till The Day
"I" Can Forget "You" ..
The Day
You Realize
"You" Cannot Forget "Me" ..

What is Cute feeling in love..!
Girl will be thinking about boyfriend
suddenly a MSG beeps from her mobile saying-
honey stop thinking about me
yah i am getting Hick-ups.

Sun shine morning time, moon shine night time, but u shing my heart every time......... 120 character love msg

A man had given all other bliss,
And all his worldly worth for this,
To waste his whole heart in one kiss
Upon her perfect lips.

~Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Missing is
than being
We Miss only
those people
who we never
want to MISS...!!

To Make Someone Feel Really Very Special,
Just Say To Them
“You’re The Chocolate At
The End Of My Cornetto.”

If i could bring back Memories
I would bring the first day i kissed u
I look u in the eyes and felt love..
thanks god an angel came into my life!

Magic Words For A
Great Relationship Are,?
” I Love You ”
” Just The Way You Are “

GIRL: Do I ever pop into your mind?
BOY: You’re ALWAYS on my mind!

The Greatest Expression Of Love
In Today’s Age
Is The Sound of The Mobile Msg Beeps
From Someone You Love !

There is no exit for our love
There is only edit option in between us
There is a place for another love but
There is no replace for another love.

Its Not About
How Much You Love In The Beginning
Its About
How Much You Love Till The End!

You know you are in love,
When you see the world in her eyes,
And her eyes everywhere in the world.

‘Sum Time I Wonders That
R Not Exams…..
So Y Peoplz Cheat….?

My love,
words however special …
could never even start,
to tell you all the love
I have for you within my heart!

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,
Like a rose without color.
My soul is shattered without your arms to hold me,
Like a mirror without a reflection.
Always be there in my life sweetheart.

Very Very True Msg,
“Love Is On Lips Of Many..
But In The Heart Of Few.. !

Falling is the First step to Success,
Crying is the First step to Happiness.
Heart Break is the First step to True Love.. !

There is one very simple rule for LOVE and SUCCESS - "Just try one more time in a different way before you decide to QUIT.

Love is a fire. But
whether it is going to warm your heart
burn down your house,
you can never tell.

1Day I Askd My Heart,
What is LOve?
Heart RepLied-
Look brother !
My function is just to pump blood,
So Don’t Ask Any Questn OUT of SyLLabus!

If she is an apple and you are an orange,
celebrate your differences,
Make a great fruit salad
Love is not about being the same,
Its about being sweet with each other.

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless,
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.

The Best Gift you Got in Your life is
“Finding someone
who knows all Your Mistakes ‘n Weaknesses
and still thinks
You’re completely Amazing”.. !!

Virtue of true love is not finding
the perfect person
loving the imperfect person perfectly.. !

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