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Love is real & individual feeling between couple Love can not be defeated by any thought and device bcoz that is blind so LOVE IS GREAT do D check...

Love and trust are based on facts and acts...
One wrong act can break one's trust, whereas one small fact can make one fall in love...!

Love Two People In This World The Most:-
:-)1) The One Who Has Given Birth To You.
:-)2) The One Who Has Taken Birth Just For You...

Three beautiful quotes-
"Depest felings alwaz shows itself in silence"
"There is no true love without jelousy"
"A thing lost is valued the most"

'Response' is one of the powerful weapon to occupy a place in someone's 'HEART'.
So, always give the best response to the person who cares for u..
Great day !

Respect The Emotions In Someone's Heart,
Rather Than
The Expressions On Someone's Face
Expression is just a Formality
Emotions are Reality.

"Ever green quote ever told by Jerry in cartoon"
"A Person Who Irritates u Always Is the one Who Loves u Vry Much But Fails to Express It...

Gud relation is not measured wen both take care of each other..
it is measured wen 1 ignores & d other still continous...!

A dead boy was taken 2 Heaven
God was shocked 2 see his hrt beating.
Boy: Only I’m dead but my girlfriend still alives in my hrt.
God: smiled and d boy sent to earth again.

R-for Rose
Rose-for Red
Red-for Blood
Blood-for Heart
Heart- for Love
Love- for You
You- are my loveable friend...

Whats Love?
You Look At Her nd She Looks At u?
Luv Is Whn u Both Look At
World Together
World Says
"They Look Great Together".

If The Person U Love Doesn't Love U Back
Just Imagine That U Are The Letter 'E'
In The Word L O V E -
You Are There But Never Pronounced..

My Heart is lyk a Book..
It depends on hw u read me.
Dont Judge me by my cover.
Look inside and discover
you will be one of my Golden pages..

my doors will be always open for those who have hurted me...
may be they have lost their position on which they once ruled.....

Something sweet
Girl : whats the proof that u miss me..?
Boy : see my cheeks.. my mamma slapped me coz i was smiling while sleeping.. thinking of you..

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