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You are Address of my Crush.
You are Dream of my Soul.
You are Lilies of my Feelings.
You are Spring of my Desire.
You are Rain of my Joy.
You are Wishes of my Prayer.
You are Oxygen of my Life.
You are Reason of my Breathe.
You are Full Moon of my Gloomy Night.
You are Bliss of my little World.
You are Thirst of my Passion.


I've Whatsapp my heart ❤ to you.
I've sms my soul to you.
I've emailed my desire to you.
I've Tweeted my feelings to you.
I've Instagram my passion for you.
I'm completely in love with you.
I'm fiercely in love with you.

My dreams are breathing when I look at you.
My desire spark when I stare into your eyes.
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I love you more than I can say.
I miss you more than I can say.
I love you more today than yesterday.
You are the desire of my soul.
I long for your embrace everyday.

My Mind is Full of You.
My Heart Beats For You.
My Soul Longs For You.
My Everything only belongs to You.

If Life is 4 living , then I live mine 4 U,
If Life is 4 giving, then I give mine 2 U,
If Hearts are 4 beating, then mine beats 4 U.

Forever in my ❤ heart is where you’ll ße.
Nobody else will enter there because you have the only key.
I’ll love you to infinity. I’ll take you as you want to ße.

I am tøtally, cømplétely, ßreathléssly, deeply, øverwhelmingly, inténsely, infinitély
spéctacularly, passionatély, déliciously in løve with yøu and I know no other way!

The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses.

Humne Socha, Unke Pyar Mein Tadapna Chhod Denge;
Unke Liye Tarasna Chhod Denge;
Dil Ko Bola, Tu Bhul Ja Use;
Dil Bola, Hum Dhadakna Chhod Denge!

Tum Ko De Di Hain Ishaaron Mein Ijaazat Maine;
Mangne Se Na Mil Sakun Toh Chura Lo Mujh Ko!

Mujhe tum bas Apne seene se laga kar to daikho...
srif tumharay liye hi Dhadakta Hai Dil...

If I could give you one thing in life;
I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes;
Only then would you realize;
How special you are to me.
Love you sweetheart!.................love sms to impress girl

Many people have caught my eye, but only you have caught my heart.

1 love sms to your mobile by my side to say:
You are always on my mind and very close to my heart...........................love sms to impress a girl in english

As deep as the ocean, My rewards for you.
As clear as the summer sky, My thoughts for you.
As mighty as the mountains, My prayers for you.
As much as monsoon rain, My passion for you.
As much as stars in the universe, I longs for you.
As much as sun shines endlessly, My everlasting love for you.
As much as a kids want a chocolate, My desire for you.

You are the most gorgous girl 👧 I have ever seen.
You are 1000 times more beautiful than 1000 Roses. 🌹
My 👼 angel. I wish you could see all that you mean to me.
You will always be my queen. 👸
I'll love you endlessly.
This is my confession.
You are my obsession for lifetime.

For me love is when I don't limit you,
I put you on the rainbows 🌈
beyond eternity of time and destiny
–Seema Gupta

"I ask you to pass through life at my side-to be my second self,
and best earthly companion." -Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Everybody wishes for own bliss...You’re mine.
Everybody has an other definition of fortune...You’re mine.
Everybody has their dream, desire, secret....You’re mine.
You’re MY Dream Girl, You’re MY Super Star,
My Shooting star Wishes. You are one for me.
You are desire of my soul. You are so delicious dish I want more.

Tappish Sooraj Ki Hoti Hai;
Jalna Zameen Ko Parta Hai;
Kasoor Ankhon Ka Hota Hai;
Bhugatna Dil Ko Parta Hai!

Konsa Dard Hai Jo Dil Ne Saha Nahi ...
Kabhi Tumse Lekin Kuch Kaha Nahi ... !!
Tumhe Paane Se Tumhe Khone Tak ...
Mere Paas Kuch Bhi Raha Nahi ... !!
Tanha Huye To Har Dard Dil Me Aa Basa...
Tumhare Samne Magar Ek Bhi Aansu Baha Nahi ... !!

hothon me lekar naam unka main ji raha hu aaj bhi...
nindo me lekar khwaab unka main so raha hu aaj bhi...

unhe to pata hi nahi ke hum kitna chahte the unhe...
phir bhi unhi ki raho me intejar se baitha hu main aaj bhi...

My Message/sms
Is Just Like Rain..
One Day It Will Increase..
One Day It Will Decrease..
Maybe One Day It Will Disappear..
Never Dies..
Anytime It May Come Back..!

Aap Bin Agar Hamara Guzara Hota,
To Aaj Yun Na Aapko Pukara Hota,
Hamare Dil Mein Sirf Aap Hi Aap Ho,
Kash Aapke Dil Mein Bhi Khayal Sirf Hamara Hota..

Wo Shaam Wo Rukhsat Ka Shaama Yaad Rahega !!
Wo Shehar Wo Safar Wo Makan Yaad Rahega !!
Hum Bhool Sake Hai Na Tujhe Bhool Sakenge !!
Tu Yaad Hai Yaad Tha Aur Yaad Rahega!

Dil ki baat chupana meri adat nahi.
kisi ka dil dukana meri adat nahi.
Aap sochte hain hum bhul gaye apko
par ithne acche dost ko bhulana meri adat nahi.

alak Jhuka Kar Salam Karte Hai,
Is Dil Ki Dua Apke Naam Karte Hai,
Kabool Ho To Muskura Dena
Aapki 1 Muskurahat Par Ye Jaan Kurban Karte Hai !!

Zindgi Ek Chahat Ka Silsila Hai,
Koi Mil Jata Hai,Koi Bichad Jata Hai,
Jise Mangte Hai Hum Apni Duao Me
Vo Kisi Aur Ko Bina Mange Mil Jata Hai !

Love Is
Not A Collection Of Messages..
It Is Selection Of Hearts..
All Lovers Are Not True..
True Lovers Are Very Few..!

Easy To Get
Someone Who Loves U..
Easy To Get
Someone Who Likes U..
Easy To Get
Someone Who Cares For U..
Rare To Get
Someone Who Understands U..!...........................love sms to impress girl

Nice Relationships
Are Like The Breathing Air..
U Will Never See Them
U Will Always Feel Their Presence..
Thats The Beauty Of Love..!

You are so Gorgeous.
You are so Glamorous.
You are so Generous.
You are so Vivacious.
You are so Marvelous.
You are Spontaneous.
You are so Contagious.
You are so Humorous.
You are so Soft.
You are so Delicious............................lines to impress girl

You are the one that I adore.
You are the one that I dream.
You are the one that I desire.
You are what I have waited for years.
You changed my winter into spring.
You inspire me in so many ways.
You are my love for lifetime.
You are my heartbeat.
You are the one I'll always need.
I love you with all my heart and all my soul.
I promise to love you more and more.

I have a huge crush on you.
My feelings for you are true.
My love for you is infinite.
I want to fill my days & night with you.
I want to spend my life only with you.

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