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Luv Is Like A Pant
Bt Frndship
Is Lyk A Chaddi
Pant Phat Bhi Jaye To
Chaddi Izzat Bacha Leti Hai
So Thanx 4 Being My
Chaddi Frnd

I Luv U,
I Luv U,
I Luv U,
Hey! Dont Get Excited
I Luv Other Alphabets Too
V, W, X, Y, Z !



(' ; ')

Tension Happens In Brain
Luv Is Felt In Hrt
Den Y Do Ppl Get Hrt Attack
Wen Dey R Tensed
Y Ppl Get Mad Wen Dey R In Luv?

We Asked Wat Is Luv?
A GIRL Gave Dis Cute Reply:
Luv Is When Ur Puppy Licks Ur Face
Evn After u Left Him Alone All Day

Hasna To Unki Ada Thi
Hm Hi Ghalat Samajh Baithe
Wo Haste Haste Chale Bhi Gye
Aur Hm hi Uhne Dil De Baithe

B Close 2 Sm1
Who Makes U Happy
Bt B Closer 2 Dat Prsn
Who Cant B Happy Widout U
And Feel D Difference!

Jiyo Itna K Mrna Mushkil Ho Jaye
Hasna Itna K Rona Mushkil Ho Jaye
Kisi Se Pyar Krna Buri Baat To Nhi
Magr Pyar Krna To Itna
K Bhulana Mushkil Ho Jaye..!

Pyar = Dukho Ka Bazar
Premi = Dukho Ka Kharidar
Premika = Dukho Ki Dukandar
Maa-Bap = Beech Ki Diwar
Behan = Salahkar
Bhai = Petne Ko Taiyar
So Luv Mat Krna Yar

Two Butterflies Were In Luv.

1 Day Dey Decided 2 Play Hide & Seek
Dey Fixed A Flowr & Decided Dat 2morrow
1 Who Will Come 1st
& Sit On Dis Flowr Will Luv
D Othr More.

At Morning D Male Butterfly Came Very Early
& Waited 4 D Flowr 2 Open
Wen D Flowr Opened
He Was Shocked 2 See Dat
D Female Butterfly Had Died Inside It
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since Last Night
2 Tell Him How Much She Luv Him

Dear O Dear
Ur Not Near
Bt I Can Hear
Dont Get Fear
Ur Memories R Here
Liv Wid Cheer
No Mere Tear
And Ur Mine Forever!

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