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To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.

The purpose of a relationship is not 2 hav sme1 who will be complete in all,
but to have someone with whom u might share ur incompletence.

"In Life Failure is not D Real End, But It Can B the Real Beginning of Success"
Have a nice Day

Love is a combination of care, commitment, deep intimacy, intense companionship, responsibility, respect and trust.

Faith is like a standby Generator.It gives us POWER when everything else FAILS !!

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Do you know why love is blind.?
Love is blind because
"Your mom started to love you before seeing your face."

Life is only traveled once; today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory. Enjoy every moment, gud or bad, coz the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself. Have a nice day.

Living in the favorable and unfavorable situation is called Part of living. But, smiling in all those situations is called Art of living. N I C E D A Y !

Every Day is likes celebrations. It gives more pleasure & memorable moments. Today is One of that day. So enjoy it & feel the moments. Have a Nice Day.

Life dose not provide Warranties & Guarantees.
It only provides Possibilities & Opportunities,
Don't miss them, Make most of it.

The SMS u send me night & day,
like jewels in my heart they stay;
And so 2 God I always pray the best of blessings be urs each day.
Have a Nice Day

My love for you is deep and true.
No matter what you do,
I'll always be there for you.
No matter where you go,
I'll always be there beside you.
Till the day I die
My love will always stay true to you.

Everyone has a past, but it is only that—the past. It's something you can learn from, but not something you can change.

Don't get married to a wealthy man. Get married to a good man. He'll spend the rest of his life trying to make you happy.

A best friend is the only person who enters your life after the rest of the world has left.

Love cannot live where there is no trust.

Life is a gift. Don't forget to live it.

Doctor’s prescription 4 a nice life
PYAARcetamol: 3 times a day
SMSprine: 1 doze daily
MISSED CALLpol: after every hour
Use them regularly & b Healthy

Doctor : I completed my MBBS & did my first operation.
Soon after finishing, the patient died.
so i prayed: god mera pehla gift swikar karo!

Ek truck dusre truck ko rassi se bandh kar le jaraha tha.
Ye dekh kar, Santa hass-hass k kehne laga
Ek rassi le jane k liye do-do truck.

Tumhare liye main chand taare tod du,
Honda city, opel, mecedez tak chod du,
Darling itna kaafi hai ya,
do char jhuth aur bole du!!

2 sardar wathcing match
When dhoni hits a boundry
1st dekho goal hua.
2nd abbe tu sardar hi rahega,
goal isme nahi cricket mein
hota he

Techer: What is your father name in english?
Student: Beautiful red underwear
Teacher: R u joking?
Student say: My father name is sunder lal chadda

Kehte hain khubsurat chiz dekhne se insaan aur zyada khubsurat ho jata hai..
Aapke pass Meri TASVEER hai ya bheju...

"I TRUST U" is a better compliment than I LOVE YOU
B'coz u may not always trust the person u luv but
u can always luv the person whom u trust....!

Aik Pagal: “Mujhe Katrina ne shadi k lye haan bol di hai”
Doosra: “Dikha di na usne apni auqat.
Main bhi itni asani se tallaaq nahi dunga.”

Nafrat Gunah Se Karo,
Gunah Karne Wale Se Nahi, Shayad
Tumhari Mohabbat Mein Aa Kar
Wo Gunah Karna Hi Chhod De.

Don't wait for the perfect moment... Take the moment and make it perfect...

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Three things in life you should
never lose
1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty

Friendships are defined by the closeness of hearts, minds, and soul ties, not by the number of miles travelled or the passage of time.

In a relationship, the word 'sorry' is worth more than gold.

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