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Phagun aya ghum ke ritu vasant ke sath
Ang ang me udth rahe hai mithi mithi aas
Mdbhara rango se bheega badan gori tera
tan man me jagaye milan ki payaas...............sms for holi

May our relationship fasten like the colours of the festival of Holi!
Happy Holi!

Gori ke gulabi galo pe malo gullal
Gori ke badan pe rango ki phuhar nila hara laal.............romantic holi sms

The festival of Holi is a time to reach out with the colours of joy. It is the time to love and forgive. Enjoy it with responsibility and with organic colours!
Happy Holi!...............sms for holi

Celebrating the colours of our beautiful relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life.
Have a colourful Holi!

Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy. It is the time to love and forgive. It is the time to express joy & happiness through different colours.
Have a colourful Holi!

May God paint the canvas of your life with the most vibrant colours and sparkle joy at every step of your beautiful life.
Happy Holi!

RED-stimulates brain;
ORANGE-the color of joy & wisdom;
YELLOW-the color of emotions;
GREEN-calms & balances the nervous system;
BLUE-for calming & cooling our system;
INDIGO-for healing;
VIOLET-for cleansing, strengthening & awakening.
May God showers you with all these colours on this Holi!

The colour:
Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage and vitality;
Green symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well-being;
Blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth and peace.
May God wet you with all the above colours in right proportions during this festival of Holi to lead a balanced life!
Happy Holi!

Holi festival is the time to lift the veil of anger and acrimony in relationships. If I have been mean, bitter or fierce, I am sorry for it. This message is a reminder that I value and cherish our relationship. Warm wishes of Holi from the bottom of my heart!

The festival of Holi signifies about the importance of colour in our life. Play Holi and enjoy the varied hues of life! Happy Holi!

A touch of green I send to you. A drop of blue to cool the hue. A tinge of red for warmth & zest for a colorful Holi!
Happy & colorful Holi

Peace from white, Power from red, Knowledge from yellow, Development from green, Love from pink. May this holi add all colors in your life. Happy Holi!

Blue is song, Yellow is music, Green is dance, Red is beauty, White is love & Pink is for joy. I wish all these colors fall on you!

May this festival of colours bring a smile to ur lips, a twinkle in ur eyes and a cheer in ur voice. Have a colourful Holi!

As per naturopathy, certain colours can energize and calm one down. They make one happy or sad & heal or irritate. May God shower you with all the happy happy colours of life! Have a joyous and colourful Holi!

Dal dal par phul khile hai aya hai madhumas
Phagun aya ghum ke ritu vasant ke sath
Ang ang me udth rahe hai mithi mithi aas
Gori ke galo me malo gullal or maro rang bhar pichkari badan pe
Mdbhara bheega bheega badan gori tera tan man me jagaye payaas.............romantic holi sms

Lift a bucket;
Fill the balloons;
Just aim it right;
And throw it with vroom!
Have a colourful Holi...............sms for holi

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