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Bee love honey,
Miss love Money,
Flower love Dew,
I Long For You

Where there is lòve, there is life. Be My Life, Be with me Ever, Be My Valentine. 💕

There are never enough I Love You. 💘
Grow old with me! The ßest is yet to ße.
ße my Beloved, ße my Valentine. 💕

Do I lòve 💘 you? My God, if your lòve were a grain of sand,
mine wòuld be a universe of beaches. - William Goldman

You are very special for me for now and always and the only
reason I'm telling you is that I don't know if anyone else ever has

We lòved with a love that was mòre than lòve. - Edgar Allan Poe

Lòve is just a wòrd until someòne còmes alòng and gives it meaning.
Be My Valentine. Còme alòng with me to start beautiful beginning....

I always looked for Someone
I could live with
but ended up with finding someone
I can not live without. I Love You
The One And Only You

I promise to be by your side.
Forever and for Always.
I love you. 💘
Nothing can do us Apart.

Love is the Poetry of two true Heart.
Love is a rhythm of two hearts Beating.
Love is a special string connecting two hearts.
Seaching one another for a Long times.
When these two heart meet with each other
They never ever apart and live together Forever
They love each other and Long for one another always and 💕 Ever...valentine sms

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Valentine's Day
Is a wonderful way
To make "I love you"
Easy to say.

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Valentine Sms 2 sAY Beloved GF BF Happy Valentine Day

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Love is Divine
Be My Valentine
I will be yours for Life Time

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14 February 2018 is here, L0ve is in the air,
Valentines is near, s0 al u l0ve birds i want u 2 cheer!!
Have a very Hapy Seas0n 0f L0VE In Air!!

Like a bright sunshine on a dreary day;
Like the assuring moonlight on a murky night;
Like a fresh blossom on a barren land;
You're the joy of my life.
I'll love you till eternity and beyond.
Happy Valentine's day!

Multiply it by infinity
take it to the depth
of forever
you will still only have
a glimpse of how much
I love you

Love is 2 souls
intertwined in such a way
you can’t find their meeting place
nor can you tear it apart
it is one embodiment of
pure pleasure & pain ,
joy & sorrow

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..
If Your askin what I value the Answer is U..
if Your askin if I love U the answer is I do.

Wen things go wrong...
Wen sadness fills ur heart...
wen tears flow in ur eyes...
always remember 3 things
1) I'm with u...
2) Still with u...
3) Will ALWAYS b

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Perfact love is not receiving,
it is giving and forgiving.
perfact love is not red roses on valentine day,
its the rest of 364 days of knowing you love someone.

2 love wdout condition,
2 talk wdout intention,
2 give wdout reason,
2 care wdout expectation,
is the heart ❤ of true relation

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Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
You are like a tossing sea
And I am like your shores.
Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores.

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soocha aap say baaat karooon ......
Phir Soocha ...ek mulaqaat Karoon ...
Phir Sooocha ....q na ... Intezaar karoon ...
Phir.. Soocha ...q na .. ek kaam karoon ...
ek piyaara sa sms aap k naam karoon ...

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Valentine's 💖 Day is the poet's holiday. - Ted Koosner, Poet

Measured by miles, you're far away;
Measured by thoughts, you're close to me;
Measured by closed eyes, you're with me;
Measured by heart, you're always in me.
But every way, I miss you!
Happy Valentine's day!