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Jisey DIL Ka Kalam Or Mohabat Ki ink Kehte Hy,
Jisey Lamho Ki Kitaab Or Yaadon Ka Cover Kehte Hy,
Yehi Woh Subject Hy Jisey Log Dosti Kehte Hy

I might run out of cute graphics to send you, but I'll never run out of this: care for you

Flower Turns 2 Fruit Bt Fruit Cant Turns 2 Flower
Just Think
Frndship May Turns 2 Lov
Lov Cant Turns 2 Friendship.

A moment of Happiness spent
under a willow,
The tear of eye that
wets ur pillow,
Sometimes sorrow
Sometimes pleasure
When given by Friends,
Both are treasure !

Dosti naam hai sukh
Dukh ki kahani ka
Dosti raaz hai sada
Muskurane ka
Ye pal do pal ki
Pehchaan nahi
Dosti ye to bandhan hai
Umar bhar nibhane ka

Wh8 sweetnes is left in
lyf if U take away
Robbing lyf of
"frndship" is lyk
robbing d sun of d wrld
A "true frnd" iz mre 2
b esteemd thn kinsfolk

A Friend is a Sweetest Gift
An Emotional Lift
A Heart Healer
A Mood Chiller
A Gem So Rare
An Answerd Prayer
A Hapy Mate
1 Word Its U
My Dear

Whn U Win, Evr1
Takes Pride In
Celebrating Ur
But Whn U Lose
Onlt True Frnds
Hold Ur Hand
Sit By Ur Side
& Say U Win Next Time...

R A I N B O W Between 2 Hearts
Sharing 7 Colors Of Feelings
+Respect = F R I E N D

Met U..
Bcam Frnds..
Had Fun..
Shard Secrts..
Fought Wid U, Fought Ova U, Fought 4 U..
Cried 4 U, Cried Wid U..
Teasd U..
Hurt U...
Missd U..
& Here Me Stil Thinkin Of U...
Long Journey Huh?....
Will Never Let It End.. Right?

F - Finds way to comfort U
R - Remembers to pray for U
I - Inspires U
E - Enjoys Life With U
N - Never Forgets U
D - Describes U
Better Than U

Friendship Quotes & quotations for Friendship Day

D most memorable Moments In FRIENDSHIP ...
- Frnd Walking Wid U Holding Ur Hands
- Grabbing Frnds Food & Eating
- Spending For Friends & Spending Frnds Money
- Hugging A Frnd In Happiness Or In A Difficult Situation
- Roaming, Picnic Wid Frndz
- Tears Within Or In Our Eyes On Seeing Tears In Frnds Eye
- Fights, Arguments With Him Ending Up In More Understanding

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