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Having a crush is sweet
falling in love is exciting
having a heart break shocks
but having a friend like you totally rocks

W h E r E v E r
Y o U
a R e ,
I t
I s
Y o U r
F r I e N d S
W h O

Some friends forget,
Some move away,
Some keep silent,
Some just change,
But I am not one of dem,
I remember my friends just for two moments!
"Now & Forever".

Friends are like colour pencils, they colour our lives, I may not be your favourite COLOUR , But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture !

Aisi Kia Dua Doon Tum Ko, Jo Tumhari Labon Pe hansi k Phool Khila day..
Bass Yehi Dua Hai Meri, Sitaron Si Roshni Khuda Tumhari Taqdeer bana De

Friendship is like playing on seesaw, not only because its always fun with u...but also because i wouldn't mind going down to see u rise...

Pain Of Missing Friends
Is Realised When U R Alone
Watching A Gang Of Friends
Enjoying In Front Of U
And U Remembring D Past
Which U Spent With Ur Friends. .

Life Is A Blank Page.
Each Frnd Holds A Pen
Nd Writes Their Own $TORY
In Everyones LIFE..!
Thanks 4 Covering
Some WONDERFUL Pgs In My Life..

The Worlds Most Happiest
Friends Never Have
D Same Characters. . .
D JusT Have The
Best Understanding
Of Their Differences.

Sumtime We Think Of
Why Frndz Keep 4wrdng Msgs To Us Widout Speakng Words ?
The Reason Is Dat, Daily They Have Nothing To Say
Still Want To Keep In Touch

Kehne ko hamare pas lafz nai hain
Bhejne ko acha sa SMS nai hai
Par dil se 1awaz ati hai har bar
Apna khayal rakha karo
Q k hamare pas ap jesa dost nai.

Aaj phir kisi Ne Pucha K Tera
Hasta Hua Chehra Udas Q
Barsti Aankhon Mein Piyas Q
Jinki Nazron Mein Tu kuch B nahi!
Wo Tere liye Itna Khaas Q

best friendz
are like
a favourite pair
of blue jeans ... !!!
they get better
as the tym passes ..

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