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Minutes R small,hours R less, days R short, months R enough 2 be with u,I can take Infinite births if I get a sweet friend like u.

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
Friendship is never anything but sharing.

Frendship is a promise spoken by da heart, it is nt given by pledge, it is nt ritten on paper, its a promise renewed everytime

Frendship is nt da thing 2 hold ur hand wen thousands r wid U
but it is that trust
which hold ur hand wen thousands r against U

Humari aapki dosti bilkul FIX hai,
Happiness or Sadness sab kuch MIX hai,
Hum to Aapko na bhulenge kabhi,
Ap bhool na jayen bus thora sa RISK hai..

Age appears 2 be best in some things.
Old wood best 2 burn.
Old books best 2 read.
Old rice best to eat &
old friends best 2 keep.

A Broken Star Asked Me 2 Choose A Million Dollars & A Nice Friend.
It Took Me A Second In Choosing Million Dollars. Why? Bcoz I Already Have U.

U know which
is D best part
of life ?
wen ur family
becomes ur friend....
and ur friends
become ur family..

wonderful people R carefully created by god,
wonderful moments R carefully planned by god,
wonderful friends like U R carefully gifted by god

D)-dua dene wala.
O)-omeed ki kiran
S)-sath nbhane wala
T)-tanhai ka sathi
I)-Atbar k kabil.

A sweetest frnd is like a pillow..
wen u r tired u sleep on it..
wen u r sad u drop tears on it..
wen u r angry u punch it..
wen u r happy u hug it.

Good Friends R 1 In A Million.
Good Friends R Stories 2 Share.
Good Friends Know D Path 2 UR
Happiness, & They Walk Wid U
All D Way There.

secret of friendship
isn’t finding a perfect friend but loving imperfect friend perfectly
true friendship doesnt have any ending
it simply never ends

dilon ko khareedney wale hazar mil jayege,
aap ko dagaa dene wale bar-bar mil jayege,
milega na aapko hum jesa koi,
milne ko to dost beshumar mil jayege.

Friendship is D hardest thing in the world 2 explain.
Its not something U learn in school.
But if U have n't learned D meaning of friendship,
U really have n't learned anything.

Life can b hard,
nt always fun.
Night brings darkness
and morning brings sun.
Wn life seems tough
n nobdy seems to care,
Dil se Karna yaad,
Ill b there.

Some joys R better explained in silence,
as a smile gets more audible than laughter.
I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with U.
I just smiled.

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