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A friend is someone who accepts your past,
supports your present and encourages ur future.

True friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.

I met u in D beginning. I hope I wont lose you in the end. and somewhere in between, we became D best of friends.

1 of D best feelings in D world is 2 touch and warm someone's heart, whether it be ur love or just a friend, almost nothing can feel better

A true friend is always be there when D whole world left U, he always cheers you up when the whole world has turned you down & he never asks you to act like an angel but he becomes your angel

D relation between u and me is like hand & eyes,
when hand hurts,
eyes cry...
n when eyes cries...
hand wipes
that our friendship

Friends are like wedgies. They're intimately close. They know you're inner self. And it feels great when you pick out a good one

~ Erin Cahill

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one!

~ C.S. Lewis

A friend is:
1% funny
2% sweet
3% caring
4% loving
90% good looking
thats why...
I am UR freind!

Har khushi dil ke kareeb nahi hoti,
zindgi gum se door nahi hoti.
Sanjokar rakhna ye dosti humari,
ye dosti har kisi ko naseeb nahi hoti.

frndship is not about finding d right person but
creating d right relation ... its not how much we care
in d begning but how much we care till d end ...

Tum na mano ye haqikat hai,
Dosti insan ki zarurat hai,
Kisi din aao hamari mehfil me,
Jan jaoge zindagi kitni khubsurat hai.

Hearts could only luv 4 a while,
feet cud only walk 4 a mile,
clothes won"t forever be in style
but having u as my friend is forever worthwhile.

Is se pehle k raat ho jaye
Q na ek Mulakat ho jaye
Apne Mobile se ek pyara sa sweet SMS hi kar do
Jis se shor b na ho aur Baat ho jaye

Lafz app do
Geet ham banaien ge
Rastaa app do
Manzil ham painge
Bandhan aap do
Rishta ham bandhe ge
Phool aap do
Lari ham banaige
Kushi aap do
Hansi ham denge
Sache dost aap bano
Dosti hum nebhainge.

What is Real but Invisible?
-ur Care
what is true but unfair?
-ur Absence
What is sweet but Naughty?
-ur Smile
what is Precious but Priceless?
-Our Friendship

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