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Dunia.!!. Walo..

. _/ ) )\_

mai sone ja raha hu, ap bhi so jao. GOOD NIGHT 🌝

Your dreams contribute to your future in many ways, so stop wasting time and go to sleep! Good night and beautiful dreams! 💐

The only thing you're good at besides breathing is sleeping, so GϾϿD night.

Sleeping is sometimes easier with someone else. 💏

1 bar jaan mang K to dekho, 1 bar yad kar K to dekho, agr hm na aye to samjh lena..
Shehzadi so rhe hai aur phone silent pe hai. Good Night.

Namaskar this is all india antisleep association mid night service our aim is to disturb the sleep of others thank you good night ☾

Hal kaisa hai janab ka kya khayal hai aapka hum to so gaye ho ho ho tum bhi so jao ha ha ha good night.

Right now, 7 million people are heading to bed, 4 million are dreaming, and 2.1 million are watching 📺 television. But one crazy buddy is reading my good night jokes. Good Night 👬

funny romantic good night quotes

funny romantic good night quotes

I m a police officer and u r under arest,
bcoz jitne pyare aap ho utna pyara hona kanoonan jurm hai,
isliye Aapko hamari dosti ki umar kaid ki saja di jati hai. Good Night

Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize? Because he was outstanding in his field! Sleep tight and have dreams as silly as this!

As you drift off to la-la-land, let me leave you with a giggle. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing! May your dreams be filled with laughter and ridiculous adventures. Have a hilarious good night and wake up refreshed and recharged to tackle whatever comes your way!

Time to turn off the world and dim the lights, my friend. But fret not, for I've brought some humor to sprinkle on your night. Why don't skeletons fight each other? They don't have the guts! Wishing you a night full of chuckles and a tomorrow filled with joy. Sleep tight and wake up ready to conquer the world!

Sleep is like a Netflix series. Just when you think you've had enough, it leaves you on a cliffhanger and you can't stop thinking about it. So, tonight, enjoy your own personal series of dreams. Good night!

Dear sleep, sorry for my harsh words earlier. I love you. Please come back tonight and let's make up for lost time. Good night!

How do you greet a tired computer at night? "CTRL + ALT + DELIGHT! Have a good night's rest, my electronic buddy!"

Why did the moon go to school at night? Because it couldn't shine during the day!

Why was the math book sad before going to sleep? Because it had too many problems!

Hey you, Yes you Cinderella ♛ reading WhatsApp text messages. You are asleep? No? Ok, good, cause I want to say
before your eyelashes hug each other tightly.

As the thief 👲 was leaving 🚶 the ⌂ house, the child woke up and said to the thief “Take my school bag 💼 also, or else I’ll wake up my papa”. Good Night! 🌃

funny good morning wishes

good night jokes

Good night! May you be safe from the 💀 ghost 👻 under your bed!

Good Night Sweet Dreams Airlines ☁ ✈ is glad to have you. Dreamland will soon be our destination. Close your eyes, tighten your blankets, and fluff your pillow to get ready to fall asleep. Great night!

Don't waste time worrying about your lost past, and don't lose time preparing your future; instead, use that time to kill some mosquitoes so you can sleep better. Good Night. ☻

Good night, all worries and sorrows! Hello, cosy bed!

Sun ☼ wouldn’t be black, Sea wouldn’t be pink, I wouldn’t be upbeat 😎 ☺ Without upsetting you! Good Night! 🙌

Good night and sleep well! Hope you have dreams ★ ☆ as sweet 🍭 as I am! ☻

Night is a time to chill. No expenses No bill. Just go to the world of ghosts and zombies. Good night! 😍

Don’t accept cheap good night messages, only receive messages from the authentic and authorized dealer 🏪 🏬 for good night wishes. Good night and Sweet dreams!

I had a nightmare in which I saw you being kidnapped and chased the kidnappers but was unable to catch them. I'm checking to see if you're safe! I wish you a good night that is free of nightmares!

Your mattress 🛏 gets annoyed ☹ that you haven't joined it in bed. You should immediately make it happy. ✨ Good Night. ✨ Sweet Dreams

★ ☆ Sometimes 💖 you do not want silence, but noise. Good Night. 💘

Hi, I am plugged in to charge myself. Meet you tomorrow. Good night!

Raat mein
Sabse Zyada
Kb Ata hai?
Jb kisi SOTEY hue ko JAGA kr poOcha jye K..??
Mere SMS mil Rahe Hai Na? Gud nyt || Funny good night sms||

Your dreams influence your destiny, so quit wasting time and sleep! Good night, and lovely dreams!

Har subject k syllabus ko mini skirt k tarah hona chahiye. itna chota ki logo ka interest bhi bana rahe aur zaruri cheezien bhi cover ho jaye. Gudnyt.

When you are eating honey and you do not want to lose a single drop of honey, come what may, sweet dreams!

funny good night wsihes

Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true. So it’s good to sleep now and see the dreams. GʘʘD night, sweet dreams!

Jahn dosti vahn pyar,
Jahn pyar vahn ishq,
Jahn ishq vahn judai,
Jahn judai vahn dard,
Jahn dard vahn jandu balm,
Jandu balm lagao aur chup kr ke so jao
Good Night....

Thakanpur se fresh nagar jane
wali Nindiya Express bedfoam pe khari hai,
Ap se guzarish hai k apne qemti sapnay
sath le kr sawar ho jaye. “Good Night“.


uthiye Janab subha hogyi he

?) _/)' (\_
]""""< <"""[

So jaao so jaao MAZAK kiya tha Good Night...

A very original good night wish only for u beware of cheap duplicates I m the only authorized dealer for good night wishes. Good night, Sweet dreams

funny goodnight texts for friends

funny good night wishes for friends

best good night jokes

This is the joy and excitement you feel
when you meet your girlfriend and she is alone
in the house because her parents have gone on
a long vacation.Good night and sweet dreams.

funny goodnight texts for your crush

Your girlfriend came to meet you in the hostel, and your roommate is absent. Sweet dreams

good night jokes

Namaskar ye hamari madhyaratri seva hai isme hum aadhi raat ke baad logon ki neend kharab karte hai dhanyawaad ab so jaiye good night

Diffrnce btwn horror nd beautiful night..
A beautiful night is when u hug ur teddy bear nd sleep,
But horror is when it hugs u back !!

Dear Customer Your sleeping service has been activated Now enjoy unlimited sweet dreams browsing in ur bed. Good night..

Pta Nhi
Log Meri itni Respect kyu Krte h,
Mai Jb Unhe SMS Krta hun To Wo Apna Sir Neeche Jhuka kr Mera SMS Padhte h,
Bilkul Tumhari Trha...
"UFF MY CRAZY FANS"good night

Mahek BEER ki kabhi kam nhi hoti
Pine se Zindgi khatam nhi hoti
Botal k sath ho agr Namkin or Gold flake.
To Zindgi Vijayse km nhi hoti..Gud Nyt

o Jaao ...So Jaao !
Mujhe Good Night Kahe bina so jao!
Raat ki rani ayegi,
Dhakka de kr jayegi,
Bed se apko girayegi,
Phir saari nind ud jayegi.!

Bus stand,
Railway track,
Near a gutter,
Footpath par,
Jaha par bhi Ho aap
Ab so jao rat ho gai.
Good night. || Funny good night sms in hindi ||

Pankhe Pe Latka Hua Sar
Khirki Se Tmhe Dekhti Atma
Bed K Niche Bethi Churail
Parde K Piche Sar Kati Lash
In Sb Ki Taraf Dihan Mat Dena
Aram Se Sona
good night

Welcom 2

cool pillow
cool bed
hot Blanket

Discount on bill :
free sweet dreams.
Thank u,
plz visit again
good night

Funny good night sms in hindi, mixed with fun masti N Dhamaal. Good night SMS jokes collection to show your funny side to friends, girlfriend, lover woven with naughty but sweet text message.


Is Nature's Way Of Saying...
10% Battery Remaining


Apart from breathing, the only thing you're good at is sleeping, so good night.

A delicious meal and a pleasant conversation have always been my idea of a good night.

If your partner was having a conversation with someone else, supposedly just through text, and he was hiding it from you, but when you suddenly reach the mirror, you see him chatting with his girlfriend, then you pretend you have seen nothing, saying good night to your partner, and you go to another room, just giving him some excuses. Then you dressed yourself to look so gorgous and glamorous. After seeing your pretty looks, your partner turned off his phone. Good night, but my eyes are on you.

This is the romantic pose of your girlfriend when you just ignore even your friends's funniest good night jokes or memes, and surprisingly, your friends miss you most during that time by sending repeated texts or even calling you.

good night jokes

good night jokes

You sometimes see something,
and then it happens exactly
in your dreams. Sweet dreams!

This is the pose of your girlfriend when you just jump in a swimming pool, even though you do not know how to swim.

funny good night photo

Partner in crime (BFF) level: 100% Sweet Dreams!

good night memes

When you're terrified or confused, your friends will be the ones who give you the strength to keep going.

This is the gesture of a girlfriend or crush when a laziest boyfriend might go to the kitchen to make some food or coffee.

good night memes

Your most horrifying and romantic fantasies. Sweet dreams.

good night jokes image

When you want to replace the ghost by yourself. The couple goes on a wild and romantic level, 100%.
When you dare to replace the ghost with yourself.

romantic jokes

Good night when you are so exhausted that you don't want romance but she craves more!

funny good night pics

when she is craving to write her own love story. Sweet Dreams!

When she is unstoppable, like nuclear chain reactions. Good Night!

funny good night text

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