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sweet good night messages for friend

Ay Chand ☾ Taro ✩ Zra Inko ek Hath Maro,.
Bistr Se Inko Nichey Utaro,.
Kro In k Sath Ab Tm Fight,.
kyu k Ye So Rhe The Bina Kahe
"Gud NI8"

Sweet good night wishes for friends

Sweet good night poem 4 sweet sweet friend
I remembr u,
2,2- 4
miss me more,
3,3- 6
friendship is fix,
4,4- 8
our relation is great,
5,5 10
G00D Night mY FrienD.

"Beautiful" Morning
"colourful" Noon
"Joyful" Evening
"Peaceful" Night
Be happy its
"Fantastic EVIninG"
"HAVE" "A" "Sweet" "Dreams"

sleepy SMS 4 a sleepy prsn
4rm a sleepy frnd
4 r a sleepy resn
at a sleepy tym
on D sleepy day
in a sleepy mood
2 say please sleep
gud ni8

Welcome 2
Radio Bed FM
Dis Is Dj Bedsheet
Hngin Out Wis Dj Pilow
4 Nw I’l Play U A Song
Sleep Tyt Dozn Ov
Swit Drmz 4m d Album
Good Night
Njoy d Song

*Warm Pillow
*Hot blanket
*Soft Bed
*Sweet Dreams
*Sound Sleep
Have A great visit:-)

May ur
Salty n Crispy Night
b Peppered wid Spicy Luv
May Ü Smile in Lemon Munlite
Dream on Strawberry Fields
Under a Vanilla Razai
Hv A Yummy Yummy Nite !

It's hard to find bosom buddy like me;
90% smart; 99.99% cute; 100% sweet.
So don't lose me. Sweet Dreams BFF.

My Dear, you are
A sprinkle of sparkle,
A dazzle of sweet,
A flutter of cute,
From your head to your feet.
Good Night.
Sweet good night messages for girlfriend

I love you, in my mind where my thoughts reside,
in my heart where my emotions live,
and in my soul where my dreams are born.
Sweet dreams my love.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake!
I'm in love with your thoughts.
I'm in love with your every little things about you.
I'll love you forever and ever! Sweet Dreams Honey.

Ho chuki raat bahut, ab so bhi jae..
Jo hain dil ke kareeb, uske khyalo mein abhi kho bhi jae..
Kar raha hoga, koi intezzar aapka
Khwabo mein hi sahi unse mil to aaye..
Good night

Aao janch lety hai
Drd k trazu pr,
Kis ka Gam kaha tk hy,
Shidate kaha tk hai,
Kuch aziz logo sy
pochna to prta hy aj kl Muhabt ki,
Kemtai kaha tk hai,
Ek Sham aa jao,
Khul k Hal-e-Dil keh le,
Kon jany Sanso ki,
Mohlatai kaha tk hai. Sweet Dreams

/1)4,3,/5)6 /2),8,6/4)
( 2'3.7' )9(4 '8;2' )
press edit & Delete only numbers & take my gift...
Sweet Dreams

Barish ki 1 Bund apko Khushi de..
2 Bund hasi de.
3 Bund tandurasti de
4 Bund kamyabi de
5 Bund.
Bas kijiye varna..sardi ho Jaaygi..
gud ni8

Cool Cool Night Me,
Small Small Room Me,
Very Small Window K Bahar,
Bright Bright Star Ko Dekhte Hue,
Aap Sweet Sweet Sapno Me Kho Jayiye.
"Good Night"..

Sweet good night sms in Hindi & English, gud ni8 sms. Lovely collection for lovable people. Sweet text for your sweetie woven in wonderful sweet good night messages, pick your's favourite one to send today. Teasing and texting are sweet ingredients of lovable talk with girlfriend. Flirt your girlfriend with sweet good night msgs.

Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
May you have a very happy journey into the world of dreams.
Good Night!

Neend ka sath Hö
Sapno ki barat Hö
Chand sitare bhi sath Hö
Ör kuchh rahe na rahe
Par hamari yadain aapke sath Hö.
Gòód night & swt drms

Raat ki tanhyi me
jab koi Aahat Tume Jagae
Chup K Se Koi Tumare Bed K Pas Aye
abe dhakan chilla zor se Chor Chor

Forget the things that make you sad;
Remember the moments that make you glad;
Forget the troubles that passed away;
Accept the blessings that comes your way.
Good night! Sweet Dreams Dear # good night wishes

Ur dream determines ur goals,
Ur goals map out ur actions,
Ur actions create results,
And the results bring u success.!
Gòód nite my friend hv a nice dream.

Nind ki aankho pe ho rahi hai fighting tight,
Is dark sky main dikh rahe hain taare white,
Ab bhuja ke apni light, Hum aapse kahte hai
Good night........good night quotes in Hindi

Aaj Mere Pass Mobile Hai
Number Hai
Charger Hai
Battery Hai
Balance Hai
Aapke Pass Kya Hai?
Hai Koi new SMS?
To Bhej Do
Agar Nahi hai To Mobile Bech Do.Gud Ni8

Every time same wishes
I m bored FrD!
Let it be different dis time
Let devils Guard u,
Mummies dance around u,
Vampire kisssss u,
Have a very horrible nite!
Ghost nite, GØØD NighT

Kya aap Machharo Se pareshan Ho ??
Sone Me Takleef Hoti He??
Machharo k sone K baad So jao.
What n Idea Sir Jee
GòóD Night Jee

Night is the nice gift
so close ur eyes & open the gift
u see another world waiting 4u...
GòóD night..

After the whole busy day someone sweet is waiting 4 U
its ur bed it's the time 2 get some nice dreams have sound sleep & get ur dreams.

A night of peaCe,
A dream of Love,
A moment of rest,
A feeling of satisfaction,
A sound sleep with a joyfull Heart is my wish for you tonight.
´ *´GuD NyT ´*´

Dreams tOuch yOur heart and sOul
it is a magical memOry that
unites fantasy and reality
HOpe U'll have the
sweetest dream tOnight
GoOd Night

Last nyt i hugged my pillow & dream of u
I wish that someday i'd dream about my pillow
I'd be hugging U

Duniya main reh kar sapno mein kho jaoo
Kisi ko apna bana lo
Ya kisi ke ho jao
Agar kuch b nahi hota to
Takiya lo or so jaoo
Good night

As U go 2 bed tonight,
I ordered bats 2 guard U tight.
I told some ghosts to dance in white,
And 2 make sure Ur alright,
I’ll ask the Dracula 2 kiss Ur neck.
GÖ_ÖD night.

Apun 1 Sher
Fekarela hai
Bole to
ho gayeli
Hai Night
Band Karne ka
Tube Light
aur sone ka Tight,
Bole to
Good Nite...

You are gorgeous, glamorous, gracious, generous, genius gentle,
sweet, smart, sweet-natured, soft-hearted girl
Good Night and do not forget to come in my dreams tonight.

Hów tó win the heart of yóung
girl? Hów to impress wóman? - kiss her, hug her, compliment
her, lóve her, tease her, text her, protect her, listen to her, suppórt
her... be loyal 4 her. Always message her good night msgs.

NighT is SilenT,
NighT is SweeT,
NighT is Calm,
NighT is QuieT..
ßut Night is not compleTe
Without Wishing U Go_oD nighT

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