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Cute life SMS- Read dis carefully..
Life has given us 'REAL EYES'.. to.. 'REALISE'.. the.. "REAL LIES"! feel d difference ”

Failure Is The Opportunity To Begin Again But More Intelligently This Time

Experience never makes mistakes however mistakes is the only thing which Brings Experience for a person.

Dream gives rise to hope, Hope inspires effort, Efforts result in success.. So, dreams r root of success.
Let all your dream Cum true. :-)

In any task we hav to cross 3 stages-
1] Insult
2] Opposition
3] Acceptance..
Fools stop at 1st.
Losers stop at 2nd &
Winners cross d 3rd.. ”

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The most beautiful music in the world is ur "own heartbeat"
It gives an assurance tht u'll survive even when the whole world leaves u alone.... ”

Nothing is old, nothing is new..
It just a matter of point of view..
Enjoy life as happy days r few..
Coz if life is an ocean then happy moments r like dew

I dont believe in taking right decisions..
I take decisions & then make them right.
So always believe in ur ability & efforts..

Never try or beg for support from others..
Stand alone & face d life as a race..
Then everyone will follow u..

Cute, Life quotes, Saying-
Not all fingers r same in length..
But wen they r bend, all stands equal..
Life becomes easy wen we bend & adjust to situation

No one has ever won a game of chess by moving forward alone..
Sometimes u hav to move backward to get a better step forward..

Never design ur character like a garden whr anyone can walk..
Design it like d sky whr everyone aspires to reach.
Aim high! Reach high!

In d end, only 3 things matter d most,
how fully u lived
how deeply u loved
how well u learnt to let go of things not meant for u..

3 beautiful life SMS, quotes -

"Deepest feelings alwz shw itslf in silence"
"There is no true luv widout jealousy"
"A thng lost is valued d most".

Love Two People In This World The Most:-
:-) 1) The One Who Has Given Birth To You.
:-) 2) The One Who Has Taken Birth Just For You..

Be satisfied with life. But,unsatisfied with The results you produce.
That's the best way to keep Growing and discover Your hidden potential...

A single word spoken at the time of anger is more poisonous,
which makes us forget the hundred lovable conversations within a life..

Life SMS, Quotes:

When nails are growing,
We cut our nails,
Not fingers
Similarly when EGO is rising,
We should cut EGO,

Wen the mirror of life gets dirty wid the fog of reality,
just try wiping it wid ur faith,
u'll see clear reflection of ur dreams once again !

Trust' is a better compliment than 'LOVE' because u may not always trust d person u love bt u can always love d person u trust.!!!

"Zindgi ka Sach"
Ek garib subah jaldi ghar se pet bharne k liye nikalta hai.
Ek Ameer pet kam karne k liye..
strnge but true..

Chaah Rakhne Wale, Manzilon Ko Taakte Nahin
Badh Kar Thaam Liya Karte hain…
Jinke Hathon Me Ho Waqt Ki Kalam,
Apni Kismat Wo Khud Likha Karte Hain.

Respect is earned;
Honesty is appreciated;
Trust is gained;
And loyalty is returned.

Life is:
Best for those who want to live it;
Difficult for those who analyze it;
And worst for those who criticize it!

Motivational Quote for good Life:

"If You Have Choice ,
Then Choose The Best .

If You Have No Choice ,
Then Do The best! ..........life sms

There are two reasons why we don't trust people.
1st: We don't know them
2nd: We know them

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