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D silvery spread of the moonbeams beautifies D sky in the night & in D moonbeam night I MISS U 2 MUCH.

Chand ko gurur hai kyonki uske paas noor hai,
Main kis par guroor karoon mera chand hi mujhse door hai.

|""| |""\ /"""| |""| |""|
| | | I . S . S | | |,,,,,| |
|,,,| |,,,|\/|,,,|   \,,,,,,/

Heart embraces D emotion that wishper ur name n the realisation comes .You R MISSED

What is love widout 2 people in it? What is a world with out people? What am I without U? I love and miss you.

Lying awake alone in bed i think of u and hug my pillow instead. I miss u wid all my heart and soul 4ever.

Guess who misses U 1,000,000 times?
Hmmm, who could it be?
Definitely not me!
Because I miss U more than that!

They say its painful 2 wait 4 some1
They say its painful 2 forget some1
But d worst pain comes wen u dont know whether 2 wait or 4get

1 missed call
reminding u that some1 is missed u very much...

moon can change shape but sun can never
truth of life can change but death can never
you can forget me but i will miss you forever

kuch lafz bina kahe alfaz hote hai
kuch log is kadar khaas hote hain,
dur ho jao unse chahe jitna bhi,
phir bhi wo dil de kitne pass hote hai

My heart never knew lonliness untill u went away. I'm missing u so Much

just ordered HP 2 turn D 7th oceans into Inkjet cans , all this ink will be used 2 print and display a BIG banner in front of UR house (I MISS U).

Dard ki gahrai se koi baat kr rha he,
sham ki tnhai se koi fariyad kr rha he
jra samjha kro in Fizao ki chubhan ko,
phir dil se tumhe koi yaad kr rha he


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