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As i look back in my life,
I remember tears I cried..
Jokes I laughed at,
Things lost & missed by
But there’s 1 thing I’ll never regret
Its d day JAB WE MET

Tinke tinke me bikhrte chale gaye
Tanhai ki gehraiyo me utarte chale gaye,
Jannat thi har sham jin dosto kr sath,
1-1 ker ke sub bichdte chale gaye

Something Sweet:-
Girl- What is the proof that u miss me!

Boy- See my cheeks..
My mamma slapped me..
Bcoz i was smiling while sleeping..
Thinking of U

Zindgi me 2 chize hamesha tutne ke liye hi hoti hai
Sans aur Saath
Sans tutne se to insan 1hi bar marta hai
Pr kisi ka saath tutne se insan pal-pal marta hai

We can always lose something for someone,
But we should not lose someone for something,
Bcoz life can return that something but not that someone..

Log Gulab Dekh Ke Kehte hai..
Ki Kitna Badnasib Hai Ye jo,
Kanto Me Khila Hai,
Par Koi Un Kanto Ki,
Nahi Sochta,
Jinhe Bade Nasib Se 1 Phool Mila Hai

Darte hai aag se kahi jal na jaya,
Darte hai khawb se kahi tut na jaya,
Par sabse jyada darte aapse…
Jahi aap hume bhul na jaye,
Good Night & Miss u!

Kabhi jazbaat toh kabhi yadoon ko dafan karte hai,
Kabhi aansu toh kabhi dard piya karte hai.
Mohtaj to nahi hum phir bhi,
Aap ke email ka intezaar kiya karte hai

Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left unmissed.

Pane se khone ka maza aur hai,
Band aankho se dekhne ka maza kuch aur hai,
Aansu bane lafz aur lafz bane gazal,
Teri yaado ke saath jine ka maza kuch aur hai

1+1 = 2 Eyes seeing you
3+3 = 6 Sense feeling you
12+12 = 24 Hours waiting for your sms
50%+50% = 100% Worried about you
182.5+182.5 = 365 Days missing you

Now this year, we have never been this close before.The time we shared these past few weeks has been the best time of my life.We shared some laughs we shared some tears, these joys we shared, will last throughout our years.I Miss you so much

When a heart is the sign of love ,and red the colour …and when walking around with your head in the clouds means that one is in love..Why do I draw a line in blue and am I only thinking of you ? I miss you

Remember the good times we had spent together, and the beautiful future we had dreamy of…Darling I never wanted to create a distance between us… Please let us bridge the gaps…I miss you

Everything Is Incomplete Without ME
Even This..ssage!
So Dont Forget ME. Miss you soo much sweetie

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