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If you accept me as your Valentine, I promise that the only way I'll hurt you ever is by holding your hand too tight.
Happy Valentine's day!

You are sunshine, you are divine
I am addicted of you like the wine
A love so fine, be my valentine..........woo your girl/girlfriend/beloved on Valentine's Day

My Adorable Darling My princess Charming
I Think Of You Every Night, Every Morning
My heart is beating, coz luv is starting
Missing you all the time, be my valentine!..............valentine's day wishes for girlfriend

V: Vibrant
A: Adorable
L: Lovable
E: Enthuastic
N: Naughty
T: Thoughtful
I: Innocent
N: Nice
E: Endearing

Sweetheart in sort you are valentine
Happy Valentine's day 2014!

Love for me is you...
With every heartbeat I feel you more..
With every single breath I call out your name..
With every new day I grow old...
But love for you grows day by day..
you are in my thoughts all the time...
Would you be My Valentine!......heart touching valentine's day sms/messages for someone special.

Please be my
V: Valentine
A: At all times and be my
L: Love that's
E: Everlasting and
N: Never-ending. And we remain
T: Together forever
I: In good times and bad
N: Now please be mine till
E: Eternity!
Happy Valentine's day!..............valentine's day wishes for girlfriend

Let me define valentine - V~Very E~Eminent L~Lovely E~Energetic N~Nice T~Telented I~Inteligent N~Noble E~Everloving
4 me simply you, be mine valentine.........valentine day SMS

Feb 7 Rose day. Rs.25
(Red Rose)
Feb 8: Propose day. Rs.150
(card+Ice cream To Loge Hi)
Feb 9:Chocolate Day. Rs.250
(Isse sasti kya loge Doge)
Feb 10:Teddy Day.. Rs.750
(Isse sasta kuch nahi Milega)
Feb 11: Promise Day Rs.150
(Ice Cream tou kilaoge hi)
Feb 12:Hug Day.Rs.270
(Branded Deo laga ke hi Hug karoge)
Feb 13:Kiss Day..Rs 150
(SPRAYMINT Tou loge hi)
Feb 14:Valentine Day..Rs.2500
(Ise Sasta me kya Niptaaoge)

Congatulation single BOYS & MENS,
YOU JUST SAVED ON NEARLY RS.4245 !.......funny valetine quotes

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon,
my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love
would last for ever: I was wrong - W.H. Auden ......best valentine's day quotes ever

The Date Sheet is out. Please start the preparation in right earnest.
7th: Rose Day
8th: Propose Day
9th: Chocolate Day
10th: Teddy Day
11th: Promise Day
12th: Hug Day
13th: Kiss Day
14th Valentines' Day 2014

Date sheet aa gyi h, taiyaari shuru kr do.
7 - feb-Rose day
8-propose day
9- chochlate day
10- teddy day
11- promise day
12- hug day
13- kiss day
14- valentine's day...

How to Get a Valentine ?
Girls Ki 'Naa'..
Means 'Try Again' Tommorow Wid More Effort..
So Boys Thode Din Bache Hai Valentine' day Mein.....

The best thing to present someone on this Valentines' day is ONIONS.
1. Got colour of Love (Pink)
2. High priced
3. One can see the tears in the eyes of a beloved.....funny sms on valentine's day...

Valentines special- 3 guys proposed a girl
1st guy : I cn die 4 u
Girl : every1 says that.
2 guy: I cn bring u a star from d sky.
Girl: old dialogue.
3 guy : I cn give u my facebook password and my mobile
girl (tears in eyes) : paagal ... Itna pyar karta hai mere se

He's annoying;
He's hilarious;
He makes me yell;
He drives me crazy;
He is hot N spicy
He's out of his mind;
He's everything I want;
And that HE is YOU!
Can that HE be my Valentine? ......Valentine quotes for boys or just change He to she to send your girlfriend/beloved

Your eyes, your smile.
Your touch, your kiss.
Your promise, your words.
Our everlasting LOVE N PASSION 4 each other
Happy Valentine Day!

A 4 = aap ko Valentine's Day
B 4 = bhaut bhaut
C 4 = chori chori
D 4 = dil se
E 4 = ek bar
F 4 = face 2 face
G 4 = gale mila kar
Aap ko kehna chahte hai.
Happy Valentine's Day......to wish your best friend on 14th February...valentine s day wishes for friends

Maine usse kaha be my Valentine
Apun ki har ada, bole toh ekdum mast hai
Wi boli kahin aur chakkar chalaao
Is route ki sabhi liney vyast hai..........funny valentines day sms in hindi

, -. .- , , -. .- ,
' •.¸.•´•.¸.•´


My love request:
If I reach with my hand, will you hold it?
If I hold out my arms, will you hug me?
If I come close to your lips, will you kiss me?
If I care for you, will you love me?
I want the world to know that you're my love.
Please be my Valentine!

I wanna wrap you up;
I wanna kiss your lips;
I wanna make you feel wanted;
I wanna call you mine;
I wanna hold you forever;
Please be my Valentine!

Nothing is sexier than someone who wants you just as much as you want them.
Can you please reciprocate my feelings and be my Valentine?

Advice For Boys..
Boys K Liye 1 Bindaas Idea Hai.
14 Feb Se Related
Propose Karne Se Pehly dost (Dew) Pee Lena
Dar K Aage Jeet Hai Yaar.........valentine s day wishes for friends

Plz Yaroo Boht Ho Gya
Apni Apni Girlfrnd Ko Sambhalo
Mujhe Phone Kar K Kehti Hai K
Aj Se 16 Din Bad
Hmare Sath Date Pr Chlo
Happy Valentine's Day
14 Feb 2013......Valentine's Day jokes

Aakhon Me Noor Hai
Chehre Pe Suroor Hai
Koi Mange Mera 'Number'
To De Dena Kyu Ki

<) )

Valentine Krib Aur Meri Shadi Abi Door H.
Happy Valentine Day..............valentine s day wishes for friends

Here's a wish from the bottom of my heart that you may you find:
The beat of your heart;
The love of your dreams;
The partner of your life;
And the soulmate of your longing!
Happy Valentine's day!

Say 'I love You' to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Warm and wonderful msgs collection to express your Valentine wish!

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