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I took u as my frnd and Ilocked u in my heart now the key is missin but I m very happy bcoz ur safe in my heart till my heartbeats stop..

Words Of True Friend: I Would Conquer d Whole World Wid Just One Hand, If U Are Holding d Other Hand !!

Many hands " I" shake,
Many frnds " I" make,
Best of them are few,
One of them is
"U U U U U U"..

A frnd is d one with whom u sit 4 hrs 2gether without speaking nything.
And whn u get up & go, u feel u hav hd d best conversation of ur life.

If luv ws a rain drop, I wd send u a shower. If hope ws a minute, I wd send u an hour If happiness ws a leaf, I wd send u a tree if u want a shoulder to cry I am free.

A cute n sweet sentence for a real frend like u. "If nothing lasts with you forever, then can i be your nothing?"

Jaisi marzi shakal banao.
Hamari dosti jhelni hi

The privilege of friendship is that we can talk nonsense.. And the funny thing is tat we have that nonsense being respected

unerdtsanding bteewen ecah ohter is rael fierndsihp eevn we hvae so mnay msitkaes lkie tihs msesage, btu i konw u cna raed wtihuot eorrr.tahts firendhps!!!

Friends r just like chaddi, some loose, some tight, some fit just right, they help u as u walk thru life, THANKS for being of my SIZE

a friend issomeone whoknows d song in ur heart &can sing it back to u, when u have forgotten d words

Friendship s a Golden chain btw 2hearts sharing 8 feeling.
Help &
So don't miss ur sweet friends.

No ego
No partiality
No compare
No cheat
No hesitation
No fear
No cruel mind
No expectation
between 2 members called..

True bonding is not measurd by the time spent together or favors done for each other but by the comfrt u find whn u realze that u care for each other.

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