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D Willingness To Listen
D Patience 2 Understand
D Strength 2 Support
D Heart 2 Careand Just To B There..
That’s D Beauty Of FRIENDSHIP

Friendship Is D
Inexpressible Comfort Of Feeling
Safe Wid A Person
Bcoz U Neither Have 2 Weigh
Ur Thoughts Nor Measure Ur Words

Na Sathi Hai Koi
Na Hum Safer Hai Koi
Na Ham Kisi K Hein Na Hamara Hai Koi
Per Aap Se Mil Kar Aisa Lagta Hai Ke Dost
Hamara Bhi Hai Koi

Flower means Honey
Honey means Sweet
Sweet means Desire
Desire means Love
Love means Friend
Friend means You

Sweet Fruits r Nice 2 Eat
Sweet Words Easy 2 Say
But Sweet Friend Hard 2 Find
And It’s My Goodness
How Did I Find U

We Smile At Whom We Like
We Cry For Whom We Care
We Share With Whom We Love
We Laugh With Whom We Enjoy
We Bcom Angry With Whom We Feel Is Our Own
Thats Friendship

I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur SMS
I Do’nt Miss Ur
Always Ur My Sweet Friend
Till My Life

“LIFE” Becomes
“LIE” IF “F”Is Missed
“F” Denotes For Friend
So Life Is LIE Without Friend
I’m Happy To Say That My Life
Is Not LIE Because I Have U

0      1       2      3
No Scale Can Measure
Our Friendship
One Can See Where It Starts
Nobody Can Ever See Where It Ends
Happy Friendship Day

If You Get Less Msg From Me
Do Not Think
That I Did Not Care 4 U
But I Am Searching
$ D Best Msg
For A Best Person Like U.

D: Dastak Bhi Na De
O: Or Apna Bana Le
S: Sanso M Base Jo
T: Takdir Jo Saware
I: Isi Rishte Ko Kahte Hain DOSTI

Do Dost The!
Achhe Dost The!
Bahut Achhe Dost The!
Kafi Jayda Achhe Dost The!
Par Woo The Hum achhe Dost hai
Bahut acche Dost hai

Kabhi Ruthkar
Kabhi Mana Kar
Kabhi Hansa Kar
Kabhi Rula Kar
Par Jo Bhi Ho
Aapki Dosti Ne Sikhaya Hai Humko
Har Pal Jeena

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