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Friendship does not need everyday conversation, Does not always need togetherness, If the relation is in the heart, A true friend never goes apart

Being visible isn’t always a requirment 4 being close, it just takes some thoughtful gesture and concern 2 capture d HEART of a FRND.

A word 2 say, A word 2 hear, Even in ur absence I feel u near….. Our relation is strong, Hope it goes long….. We’ll remain friendz,Till our HEARTS go on….

Frndship is like a clap it make sound great when we clap with two hands and frndship is strong when two person can understand each orther,and that two person are u and me … thanks for being my frnd…..

Gud Song
5 Minutes Happy
Gud Film
3 Hours Happy
Gud College
3 Years Happy
Gud Friend
like ‘U’
Life Long Happy!

I don’t remember where we met,
or how or when or why.
I only knew that when we did
I found in you a “Friend.”

I was never tired of this life
and it’s not gonna matter if
I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall,
you won’t let me hit the ground.
Thanks for being around my friend.!

Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your Friend
To become your enemy

Some people cannot understand,
A friend you’ve never met.
But then I guess they’ve never had
A Friendship on the Net.

I may have forgotten to say that I care.
I may have failed to open up and share,
but though no words have been spoken,
my promise of friendship won’t be broken

Life Is Sin90 = 1
Lov Is Cos90 = 0
But Friendship Is Tan90 = Infinity!
It Has No Value In This Universe
Happy To Have A Friend Like U

When you’re down,
I’ll be there to cheer you up.
When you’re tired,
I’ll be there to lift you up.
I’ll be your friend no matter what!

Heart Is A Engine
Lubricate It
Love Is A Carburator
Dont Jam It!
Feeling Is A Petrol
Flow It!
Friendship Is A Vehicle
Keep Driving It

1 Day Luv Askd Frndship
Y R U Here In D World
Ven I Am Here?
Frndship Smild & Said:
2 Spread Smiles Were U Leav Tears

Met u, became friends, had fun, freaked out, shared secrets, fought wid u,over u,for u, cried 4 u,wid u, teased u, hurt u, missed u, n here m stil thinking of u. Long journey huh? Will never let it end, right? Just wanted you to know that Dear friend, you are valued

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