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Wen U R Counting All Ur Friends
D Oldest, D Best, & D New….
I Wud Like To Stand
By Ur Side N Say Two Little Words…

We R Good Frnd Since “Jab V Met”
Our Friendship Goes On Like “Tara Rum Pum”
This Frndship Makes “Zindagi Rocks”
So I Pray God V Just Do “Dhamal”

Pyar Se Pyari Hai Teri Dosti
Jaan Hamari Hai Teri Dosti
Miss Call Ka Syrup Or Sms Ki Tablet Dete Rehna
Kyon Ke Ek Khubsoorat Bimari Hai Teri Dosti

1 Advice: Take Care
1 Request: Dont Change
1 Wish: Dont Forget Me
1 Lie: I Hate U
1 Truth: I Miss U
1 Hope: We Will Always B Good Friends!

A Truly Toching Frnd
Understands Wen U Say Im Sad
Forgives Wen U Say Im Sorry
Feels Hapy Wen U Say I Luv U
Smiles Wen U Say I Mis U
But Dies Wen U Say Forget Me

Friendship . . .
Is You
Is Love
Is Shared
Is Forgiving
Is Understanding
Is Shared Success….

Renewal Of Friendship Contract 2015-2016
After Serious & Cautious Consideration
Ur Contract Of Friendship Has Been Renewed 5 D Year 2015-20120
It Was A Hard Decision To Make So Try To Be More Friendly & Caring Next Year
I’m Giving You Another Chance So Don’t Miss It

At Any Time In ur Life
If U Get A Doubt About Our
FRIENDSHIP Take A Coin And Test*
*Condition apply
If Head comes Its true
If tail comes Its is not false
I always be ur best of best friend

Friendship Is Like An Onion
It Has Many Layers
It Will Add Taste To Ur Life
But If U’ll Try To Cut It
U’ll Have Tears In Ur Eyes

If Friend Is Cathode You Should Be Anode
If Friend Is Negative Charge You Should Be Positive Charge
If Friend Is North Pole You Should Be South Pole
Opposite Things Attract Each Other

Butterflies Dont Know D Colour Of Their Wings
But Human Eyes Know How Nice It Is
Like Wise You Dont Know How Good You R
But I Know How Special U R

Dost Aksar Yunhi Ban Jate Hain
Kuch Saath Rehte Hain
Kuch Bichhur Jate Hain
Kuch Yaad Rakhte Hain
Kuch Bhool Jate Hain
Ab Hum Aapko Dekhte Hain
Aap Kahan Tak Saath Nibhate Hain

Friendship Is Like War ..
Easy 2 Start …
Difficult 2 End …
Impossible 2 Forget …
So I’m Having A War With U
I Hope That U Don’t Want Peace

Old Friends R Gold
New Friends May B Diamond
If U Get Diamond Dont Ever Forget The
Gold Becoz To Hold A Diamond U Always
Need A Base Of Gold

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