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:: small funny sms ::
"The Non-Toppers"
Are More Experienced Than
"The Toppers"
...Toppers FAIL To FEEL
How It FEELS To FAIL . .

(Back Benchers Association)

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
somtimes wen i cry no 1 c my tears,
wen i m woried no 1 c my pain,
wen i m happy no 1 c my smile.

sala! 1 ladki ke sath goomey to sab dekhte hai

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
A Toilet is like a committee meeting room.
People come with lot of pressure,
create a lot of noise
and ultimately

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
The fnuny tnihg abuot
tihs sms is taht
eevn tohugh all the
wrods are msesed up
you can sitll raed it ...

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
Female's criteria for
Life partner . . .
They expect their men to
Look like "mr. Universe"
Work like "ramu kaka. .

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
Ek Machar perasaan baitha tha.
2sre ne pucha kiya hua?
1st-yaar gajab ho rha hai.
Chuhedani me chuha,
Sabundani me sabun,
Mgar macchardani me admi so rha hai.

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
1970 ki mom 2 her son-beta apne relign ki ladki se shadi krna
1980-apne caste ki
1990-apne level ki
2000-apne desh ki
2010-KAMINEY ladki se hi karna

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
is duniya me 3 log bahut acche hai....
1 main
2. fir se mein
3. Aap....
ka friend.... mein

~: Height of Disappointment :~

Using Dial-Up Connection 0n
Your PC In The Age 0f 3G
Completing Your Tea Before
A Simple Static Web-page .

:: short funny sms in English ::
Facebook Fact
Every 0ne Makes An
Account For Friendship
And Then Becomes
...Addicted To Collect
"LIKES and COMMENTS" . . .

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