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Your heart and my heart
are very, very old friends.
— Hafiz

I have so much of you in my heart.
— John Keats

When I’m with you I don’t breathe quite right.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m obsessed with you. Utterly, willingly and wonderfully so.
— Michael Faudet

I’d love to, but only with you.
— Morrissey

But you, you’re special to me.
When I’m with you I feel something is just right.
I believe in you. I like you. I don’t want to let you go.
— Haruki Murakami

You are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing.
— E.E. Cummings

Whn U Read A Luv Msg,
U Never Thnk Of D Person Who Sent U D SMS
Bt U Think Of D Persn
Whom U Luv D Most!!
Sala Kharcha Kiska
Chrcha Kiska

I Finally Understood
Wat True Luv Meant
Luv Meant Dat u Care 4
Another Prsns Happiness More Dan ur Own,
No Matter How Painful
D Choices u Face Might Be

Awesome Ques Wid A Cute Ansr:
Sm1 Asked A Boy
Howz Ur Life..?
He Smiled N Answrd
She iz Fine..!

She is exactly the lovely sms I wanted to write for her.

If U Luv Sm1,
Show Dam.
Bcoz U Could Soon Find urself
Watching Dam
Walk Out D Door!
Words Mean Nothing,
Bt Actions Mean Evrything!

Ek Roz Yuhi Chalte Chalte Us Ne Pucha Mujh Se,
Kon Ho Tm? Aur Kon Hu Men?
Mai Muskuraya
Aur Kaha,
Rasta Hu Mai, Aur Manzil Ho Tm.

I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning nd the last thing you taste at night.
— Sade Andria Zabala

There are no words that even come close to the way you make me feel.

Evry 1 Cn Luv Rose
Bt No 1 Luvs A Leaf Dat
Add Beauty To It.
Dont Luv Sm1 Who Is Beautiful
Bt Luv D 1 Who Makes Ur Life Beautiful.
2 Having A Beautiful Life
U Get All Things

Boy:Can I Hv A *Hug* ?
Boy:Did u Hear Wat I Said ?
Girl:Yes !
Boy:Wat Did I Say ?
Girl:Cn I Hv A Hug
Boy:Yes, u May!

Usne Raat K Andhere Mai
Mere Hath Ki Hatheli Pe
Likha Tha Apni Ungli Se
Mujhe Pyar Hy Tm Se
Jane Kaisi Siyahi Thi Wo
K Mit Ti B Nhi Or Dikhti B Nhi.

D Feeling Of
Starts 4rm D Eyes
If u Try To Close ur Eyes...
Turns Into A Drop Of Tear & Remains
In ur Heart Forever .. .

Apni har shayari mein tera naam likhte hai
Apni har saans pe tera naam likhte hai
Agar yaqin na ho toh aazmaa ke dekh lo
Tere saamne dil kholke tera naam likhte hai

Jab kabhi mausam mein khushbu bikhar jaye,
Jab kabhi chandni mein raat bikhar jaye,
Jab kabhi bewajah hi dhadkanein machal jaye,
to samajhna ki hamne apko yaad kiya.

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