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I'm the heart, u r the heartbeat,
I'm the breath, u r the oxygen,
I'm the body, u r the soul,
we are two bodies, one soul...

L - Listen (me)
O - Observe (me)
V - Verify (me)
E - Experience.(me)


Soft music around us,
Love in the air,
Lights are dim,
I am with him...
I LOVE HIM.....!!!

You are the romantic tide who made my heart wide,
wish you be my bride and make my life pride.

Dn't search 4 a vry gud sms 2 send me.
I'll b happy with an empty sms of urs...
More then D message, seeing ur name cheer me up........

I hated the rain until I danced with you, then like the rain, I fell for you.

Messages are given 2 those who are apart,
But what shall i give, When U R in my heart.
& always silently come in romantic thoughts.

I want to drink the water from your lips
I want to hear the movement of your soul
I want to touch the sound of your heart
I want to be you..

Heart is empty without love.
Mind is empty without wisdom.
Eyes are empty without dreams.
& Life is empty without U..

Girl - who is most romantic girl 4 U
Boy- you are the second most romanric girl I have ever seen
Girl- who is first
Boy- when you looking into my eyes being romantic.

When I think about you,
a sweet smile appears on lips.
when I remember the
movements along with you,
they remain as a sweet memories to me.

Being single is a choice. Some say to avoid heartaches,
heartbreaks, love problems but some single choose to be
single 'cause they still in love with someone secretly.

People meet by coincident they spend romantic times togather and them gods makes them stay away not to end the story but to see how they remember each other..

I had a heart it once was true; but now it's gone from me to you.
Take care of it as i have done; now you have two and i have none.

I m a sunflower waiting a dialy for you as the flower looks for the sun. so dont make me die. I want ur sunrise to fall on me.

It Hurts When U Need Just A Piece Of Love
& there Is Nobody 2 Give it
It Hurts Even More When U Have An Ocean Of Love
& your Loved 1 Is Not there 2 Receive it

I am here not because I should be,
Not because I am captive in this situation,
But because I prefer to be with you
To be anywhere else in the world ...

I have a simple calculation
on how long we will be together.
Count the stars in heaven
and sand on shore multiplied
by the heartbeats = forever

V Often Fail 2 Undrstnd
D Feelngs Of D 1 Who Is Vry Close
2 Our Heart,
Coz D Book Wen Held Very Close 2 Our Eyes Is Very
Difficult 2 Read

I hated the rain until I danced with you, then like the rain, I fell for you.

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