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indian good morning messages

Cook your own breakfast by mixing happiness,
faith and wisdom add a little understanding,
a pint of hope and a spoonful of love;
top with a lot of smiles! Good morning!

Before the Golden Sun Rise, let me decorate each of the Rays with Wishes of Success and Happiness 4 u..

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Bin savan barsat nahi hoti,
suraj dube bin rat nahi hoti,
kuch aese dost hai ki unko yad kiye bina
din ki sharuaat nahi hoti....GOOD MORNING :)

good morning messages in hindi

Pani ki boonde phulo ko bhiga rahi he
Thandi lehre ek taazgi jaga rahi he
Ho jaiye aap bhi inme shamil
Ek pyari si subah aapko jaga rahi he.

Raat Guzri Fir Mahekti Subha Aayi
Dil Dhadhka Fir Aapki Yaad Aayi
Aankhon Ne Mahesoos Kiya Uss Hawa Ko
Jo Apko Chukar Hamare Paas Aayi
Good Morning
#indian good morning messages

A Warm Good Morning
Larger Than D Sea !
Wider Than What Eyes Can See !
Soft Like Silk Should Be !
Sweeter Than
Honey of The Bee

New morning
+New aim
+New decision
+New dream
+New idea
+New thinking
+New ambition
May God give u everything in life

indian good morning messages

Forget the things that made you sad
and remember those that made you glad.
Forget the troubles that passed away
and remember the blessings that come each day.
Good morning!

Morning is God's way of saying:
"One more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul..."
GooD Morning

Life is like a piano, White keys R happy moments and
Black keys are sad moments.
But remember both keys are played together to give
Sweet music in life...
Good Morning!

"Beware of other duplicate Morning wishers"
I'm the only Authorised ISO 2007 certified dealer in morning wishes..
I wish an Orignal Sweet gOOd Morning 2 U...
#indian good morning messages

Life is never about the people
who act true to your face…
It is always about the people
who remain true at your back.
Good Morning!!!

Always use d best cosmetics
4 ur lips TRUTH
4 ur voice PRAYER
4 ur eyes SYMPATHY
4 ur hand CHARITY
4 ur heart LOVE
4 ur face SMILE
Good Morning
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