Papu sent SMS to his BOSS: “Me sick, no work”
Boss SMS back: “When I am sick I kiss my wife try it”
2 hours later Pappu sms 2 boss: “Me ok, ur wife very sweet”

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One day Pappu went to a shop.
Let him go. You do ur job. Always dont expect jokes on him..

Pappu: Papa aaj meri Girl4nd ki birhday he. Use kya du..?
Papa:Dekhne me kaisi hai?
Santa: Bahut Mast Mast hai..
Papa: Mera mobile number de de!

Pappu to his friend.. I kiss my wife everyday before i go to office..

& u?

Friend: i kiss ur wife after u go to office.
Pappu: ha ha ha..i m the first..

1 Chor Santa ka mobile le k bhag raha tha
Santa:Bhag sale Bhag bhag
Charger toh mere pas hai

2 men were searching for their lost wife in a festival.
Santa:What does your wife look like?
Banta:She is 5'7", 36-24-36 sexy figure, fair, sweet, beautiful, green sexy eyes, brown hair, and yours?
Santa: Forget mine, let us look for yours.

Santa: Will U marry, after I die.
Jeeto: No, I will live with my sister. Jeeto: Will U marry, after I die.
Santa: No, I will also live with your sister.

Judge: Why were u arrested?
Santa: For shopping early.
Judge: Well, that's not a crime. Anyway, how early were u shopping?
Santa: Before the shop opened.

SANTA Ur son is Dead.Aftr Hearing Dis Santa jumps frm 50th floor.
Wen he reachd 35th Flr he think "I dnt hav Son"
20th Floor:
I'm not married
3rd Floor:
Shit! I'm BANTA.

Santa: Mere pass gaddi,bungla,paisa hai..tere pass kya hai?

Banta:Mere pass bhi gaddi,bungla,paisa hai

Santa:Mar gaye..Phir apni Maa kiske pass hai?

Sardar is driving a jeep in jungle.

Tourist: If lion follows very close to us then how can we escape?
Sardar:Give right indicator & take left turn.:-)

Santa traveling in a train gets down in evry station n buy ticket 4 next station.Guess Why?
Bcoz doctor told 2 him avoid Long Journey

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