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Santa Zebra Crossing Ke Black & White Lines Par
Baar-Baar Idhar-Udhar Chal Raha Tha,
Soch Raha Tha Ki
Sala Ye Piano Bajta Kyo Nahi.

Santa BANK me aake so gaya Puchho Q.?
Usne Board par advertise padhi ki..
Yaha SONE par LOAN milta Hai..

SANTA, your son is Dead..

Hearing this bad news Santa jumps from 50th floor

35 flr:

He realizes- i don't have son
20 flr-

I am not married &
3rd flr-

SHIT I am Banta

Aaj Mene
2 Kasme Khai He..
1) Parai Ladki Pe Nazar Nahi
2) Kisi B Ladki Ko
Paraai Nhi Manunga.

Papa- Beta Kabhi Na Karna Shaadi
Yeh Hai Jeevan Ki Barbadi
Beta Bola-
Papa Mai Bhi Farz Nibhaunga
Apne Bachcho Ko Bhi Yehi Samjhaunga.

Wife to drunk husband: From now on,
if ur lips touch liquor
u will never touch my lips
Husband: awwww??
Wife: Now What r u thinking??
Husband: deciding,
18yr old Scotch
42yr old lips?

Man outside phone booth :
Excuse me !!
You are holding the phone since 20 mins.
haven't spoken a word..
Man inside - Sir
I'm talking to my wife
Topic over.

Wen U convert Rs.50 lakhs into Rs.300 crores, U R called Vadra.
Wen U do D opposite, U R called Mallya. D difference is in choosing D right woman! //( very funny Politics jokes)

Santa ne ek khubsurat ladki
ko pucha aap kaha rahti ho ?
Ladki: m.g.road
banta: itni khubsurat hokar bhi road par
rahti ho mere ghar chalo na...

Breaking news:
Two girls in Pakistan arrested for liking status of Ajmal Kasab's hanging.

A girl before marriage looks like a Barbie Doll.
After Marriage: Beautiful Doll;
After 1 Year: Nice Doll;
After 2 Years: Only Doll;
After 5 Years: Dholl;
After 10 Years: Dolly Bindra

Banta: I am struggling to find a good birthday present for my wife.
Please suggest something that would simply surprise her!
Santa: How about a divorce?

Pappu: Please give 500 rupees.
Jeeto: Money doesn't grow on trees.
Pappu: I am fully aware of it. That's why I'm asking you for it.

Women have an unfair advantage over Men. If they can't get what they want by being Smart, they can get it by being Dumb.

Santa: Did you hear about the guy who finally figured out women?
Banta: I would sure love to know more about it.
Santa: He died laughing before he could tell anybody.

Santa: I believe trust is the very key in a relationship.
Banta: I have to really agree with you on it. But what's your experience on it?
Santa: You see, if you don't trust your girlfriend, how could you be sure that she won't tell your wife?

Preeto: Do you have a good memory for faces?
Banta: Yes but why?
Preeto: I just broke your shaving mirror.

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